Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
The Used Berth 21/03/2007 DY 8
The Almost Southern Weather 09/04/2007 DY
Lakes Photographs EP 09/05/2007 DY
Nora Save Yourself 18/10/2007 DY 8
Coliseum No Salvation 25/10/2007 DY
A Drop Dead Star It's Not Jacket Weather Anymore EP 08/11/2007 DY 5
Idiot Pilot Wolves 20/11/2007 DY 9
A Dream Too Late Intermission To The Moon 02/12/2007 DY 5
Spider Rockets Ever After 05/12/2007 DY 3
And So I Watch You From Afar This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can Stop It 08/12/2007 DY
October File Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God 14/12/2007 DY 7
Karate High School The League Of Tomorrow 18/12/2007 DY
The Minor Times Summer Of Wolves 22/12/2007 DY 5
Oh, Sleeper When I Am God 24/12/2007 DY
The Spill Canvas No Really, I\'m Fine 29/12/2007 DY 7
Steel Train Trampoline 03/02/2008 DY 8
Far-Less A Toast To Bad Taste 13/02/2008 DY 7
Bam Margera Presents... Viva La Bands Vol. 2 10/04/2008 DY 7
Oceana Birth.Eater 27/06/2009 DR 8
Sleepmakeswaves in today already walks tomorrow 27/06/2009 DR
Of Machines As If Everything Was Held In Place 29/06/2009 DR 7
Summerlin So Make Your Move 01/07/2009 DR 5
Meg & Dia Here, Here And Here 02/07/2009 DR
Terra Terra Terra Mind Like A Man, Soul Like A Child 06/07/2009 DR 7
Break Your Frame Break Your Frame EP 08/07/2009 DR 6
La Dispute Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair 10/07/2009 DR 9
The Cassidy Scenario Withstanding Voracity 17/07/2009 DR 7
In Crimson Colors Probably Nothing, Possibly Something 18/07/2009 DR 4
Echo Screen Goodbye Old Life EP 19/07/2009 DR 8
Nixa The Brink EP 23/07/2009 DR 8
Memphis May Fire Sleepwalking 24/07/2009 DR
Maylene And The Sons of Disaster III 28/07/2009 DR 6
Sunlight Ascending All The Memories, All At Once 29/07/2009 DR
Hopes Die Last Six Years Home 05/08/2009 DR 6
The Fall From Grace The Largo Sessions 10/08/2009 DR 7
The Scene Aesthetic A Type & A Shadow 11/08/2009 DR
Sleepmakeswaves / Tangled Thoughts of Leaving Split 21/08/2009 DR 8
Jonny Craig A Dream Is A Question You Don't Know How To Answer 23/08/2009 DR
Latin For Truth We Are Sick of Not Having The Courage To Be Absolute Nobodies 25/08/2009 DR 4
Gray Young Firmament 31/08/2009 DR
Oceans Nothing Collapses 01/09/2009 DR 7
Sugarwall Find A Way 03/09/2009 DR 6
Balance And Composure Only Boundaries EP 04/09/2009 DR 8
The Ultra Siberian Pant Factory OmniumgatheruM 06/09/2009 DR 7
Jorn Dukebox 17/09/2009 DR 8
Craig Owens With Love EP 21/09/2009 DR 6
TornApart Ghost X-35 23/09/2009 DR 5
Public Radio Sweetchild 27/09/2009 DR 8
Paramore Brand New Eyes 30/09/2009 DR
Jakartah In The Nervous Light of Coincidence 01/10/2009 DR


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