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Probably Nothing, Possibly Something

Written by: DR on 18/07/2009 21:13:55

Call me ignorant (or just plain stupid), but if it wasn't for their football team I wouldn't really have known that Aalborg had a music scene, let alone a scene for a young punk band. But, here they are; In Crimson Colors, and I'm willing to drop my scornful attitude towards the spelling of 'color' and my general view on the Americanization of the English language in order to give these guys a fair and just review. First off, these guys are punk. There's no ambiguity about it. Everything upon everything on "Probably Nothing, Possibly Something" is punk, which is a problem. This demo is a mantra to the heroes striped across their band t-shirts which they wear whilst thrashing out the riffs and the coarse screams; it's all been done before. And better.

The first thirty seconds of the opening track "And With You" set the banal tone that the rest of the album abides by. "Epic", though reaching nowhere near the heights the title suggests, has its moments where it's just about decent enough to work, and is the only thing that begins to approach a highlight for this album. The third and final track "To Illustrate a Point" has a slightly poppier feel to it, with more clean vocals than the two previous songs combined, but it's still underwhelming and average.

You can imagine these guys in their garage, in their all-black get up, skateboarding, playing Tony Hawks on their computer and covering Bad Religion songs - which is great fun, as long as it stays in there. But for the neighbours who just don't want to hear the racket of this quintet sponging influence from their trend setters, it's borderline annoying. If I wanted to listen to Bad Religion, I'd listen to Bad Religion. Maybe I'm being too harsh on these guys. It's only natural that you'd be influenced by your heroes - they'd have to be an android not to. And who really cares about the neighbours anyway? There isn't anything inherently terrible about "Probably Nothing, Possibly Something", but the title just about sums this band up.


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Release date 01.05.2009

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