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Written by: DR on 28/07/2009 19:49:01

The concept and band name of Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster revolve around the legend of Ma Barker and her sons, who were once infamous for their criminal activity. What interested the band though, was this idea of what goes around comes around, and 'divine justice'. So, another Christian American band ready to beat us black and blue with their faith?

Surprisingly, no. Though there are clear Christian themes in their lyrics - "Once I was lost but now I'm found" from "Last Train Home" is taken directly from the Amazing Grace hymn - thankfully it never reaches the point where they grasp you by the collar, and ram their beliefs down your throat.

One thing they are not shy about forcing down your ears is how very Southern this all is. From the banjo right at the start of the first track "Waiting On My Deathbed", to the guitar-work in, well, every song really. Indeed, the triple attack of Kelly, Chad and Jake is technically very impressive, and has some moments that sound like The Fall of Troy (had they been born in a Red State, of course); and other moments that are reminiscent of an 80's hair-metal guitar solo, at times it can sound as though they are being complex for the sake of being complex. Vocally, this album is fairly polarised. As we've come to expect from Dallas Taylor, the screams are chillingly superb, but the clean vocals from Roman are a letdown.

The album is intense for the first three songs. Maintaining such intensity is difficult though because thereafter it just wanes. When it is brash and penetrating, you can't help but admire the quality, and even when it's attempting to be 'catchy' it's decent, but when they try and pull off the slower songs they fall flat on their face. "Listen Close" is a poor excuse for noise, and if it wasn't for Dallas, "Oh Lonely Grave" would be even worse than it already is.

What to score it then? Well this album really does have its moments, "Just A Shock" is one of the singles of the year so far (in this reviewer's opinion), "Waiting On My Deathbed" and "Settling Scores By Burning Bridges" summarise everything great about Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. Those three tracks redeem an otherwise poor effort.


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For Fans of: He Is Legend, The Chariot, Norma Jean
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Release date 23.06.2009
Ferret Music

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