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Written by: DR on 01/07/2009 21:40:07

When it’s done well, who doesn’t love pop punk? You can roll down your car windows, let the fresh air in to your lungs and sing as though the world is deaf and your heart has limitless content. The problem is, a truly good pop punk band offering at least something new comes around once in a blue moon, and average (at best) pop punk bands are a dime a dozen and quite frankly, annoyingly tedious and woefully unoriginal.

Enter, Summerlin. Now, before I delve in to this review I feel I should declare something; a mantra, of sorts: no good pop punk ever came from England. Never have, never will. Ever. But, then again, I am very harsh on the genre.

In such a crowded genre you either need to be great, or fresh, to stand out. Unfortunately, Summerlin don’t tick either box. Nothing about this album is acutely bad; the vocals are decent, as is the musicianship, as is the production - but that’s all it ever amounts to. It’s just decent, which is boring. It will pass the time and might even warrant a few clicks of the repeat button, and if you click that button enough, a line might even lodge itself in to your subconscious and have you singing along for minutes; but weeks down the line you won’t be getting up in the morning craving to hear “I’ve Got A Future And You’re Not In It”.

Again, this is a decent release, and plenty of teenage girls (and guys with those girls) will like this, there are adequately catchy hooks and the odd brilliantly original “woah”, but for those of us who don’t exactly fall over ourselves every time there’s an album released which passes for pop punk these days, it offers nothing.


Download: Chroma by Cartel instead.
For Fans of: You Me At Six, All Time Low, Go: Audio, Cartel, Sullivan, School Boy Humor.
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Release Date 15.06.2009
Independent release

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