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Written by: DR on 21/08/2009 21:33:41

Post-rock followers may already be familiar with the flourishing Sleepmakeswaves, and regular readers of the site will know all about my adoration for them; but chances are that even the most devoted to the genre will have never heard of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving. So, Sleepmakeswaves have lent their growing reputable name to a band who have actually been around since 2004, but have since transitioned from progressive metal to being entirely instrumental, focusing on "creating enthralling atmosphere and dynamics".

Sleepmakeswaves commandeer the first three of the quintet of songs. Opening with "Keep Your Splendid Sun Silent" which starts off with some rather nimble and nifty keyboard work from Alex before crescendoing into familiar guitar driven melodies laced with electronics. The main improvement on this album compared to their debut is how much keyboardist Alex has improved; before he was skilled, no doubt, but his compositions didn't quite stand-out and be counted as they definitely do here.

"We Sing The Body Electric" has been on their live roster for some time now, and it does show, because it doesn't have the same feel and progression that the other two tracks boast. "This Is How We Remember (Secret Robot)" finishes off their half of the album in memorable fashion, not climaxing as its two predecessors do but keeping fairly low tempo and allowing Sleepmakeswaves to further prove their post-rock capabilities with a dainty and delicate six minutes that soothingly lulls you in to serenity.

Prior to listening you develop an idea of what to expect from Sleepmakeswaves this time around; but having never heard of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving I had foolishly assume they would fit under the 'post-rock' umbrella. From the instant the hectic pianos kick off, you know there will be far more to this band than any amount of impetuously lumping them in to any genre can tame. While they are instrumental, and there are elements of post-rock, there are also ingredients of jazz, metal and progressive too, which makes for an intriguing and challenging cocktail.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving will not be to everyone’s taste, in fact, I can't imagine they will be to most people’s taste, but those who are patient with them will soon reap the rewards. One moment it's hectic jazz-induced piano arrangements, and before you know it you're being led each and every way by aggressive guitars and frenzied drums; the niche they have crafted themselves helps fifteen-minute-long songs like "The World Is A Deaf Machine" breeze by.

For a split album, both sides could not be more different. Sleepmakeswaves are elegant beauty, TTOL are compelling madness. For the former, this will album reaffirms everything we expect and will tie fans over until the next release; but for the relatively unknown later? Well, they just about steal the show.


Download: Sleepmakeswaves - Keep Your Splendid Sun Silent, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - The World Is A Deaf Machine
For Fans of: This Will Destroy You, 65daysofstatic
Listen: Sleepmakeswaves Myspace / Tangled Thoughts of Leaving Myspace

Release date: April 2009
Self Released

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