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Written by: DR on 02/07/2009 19:16:18

It’s just about every guys fantasy isn’t it? A girl in a rock band, only there are two, and they are sisters - it just gets better and better! Until you realise that this is their major label debut. I can’t speak for you, but I personally dread it when bands sign to the music industry’s big shots. The music becomes a bit more mainstream, over-produced and insincere, it loses its authenticity in a way. And don’t worry, I can’t distinguish who‘s Meg and who‘s Dia either.

It seems as though Dia (the younger sister, vocals) writes most of the lyrics while Meg (guitar and backing vocals) writes most of the music. The name doesn’t exactly promote it, but there are in fact a band in the shadows of these sister’s spotlight, but it does appear that they’re more for touring purposes as they don’t seem to get that much of a say in the music itself.

What will win this duo points with me is the fact the lyrics have the occasional literature reference; “I can't lie, I was brainwashed to be honest/In this brave new world that slowly passes by.” from “Hug Me”, based upon “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, and “You try to write me letters like you've transformed into Charles Dickens overnight or something.” from “Inside My Head”. What won’t win this duo points with me though, is their daft inclusion of Tom Higgenson from “Plain White T’s” in "Bored of Your Love". Why have they included him in the otherwise decent song? He’s got an average voice - and that’s at a stretch! Is it just to make Dia’s voice sound better by contrast? Or is it simply a boast of their stature in the music world?

One particular thing worth mentioning is the creativity they show here. And by ‘creativity’ I don’t mean genre-defying - it’s a standard pop rock album that will tie girls everywhere over until the next Paramore release - but every song sounds different from the next, whether it’s the country influenced “Agree to Disagree”, or “Going Away” which is likely to have you tapping your foot and bobbing your head - you won’t necessarily need the case in front of you when you listen to “Here, Here and Here”.

The quality does wane towards the end however, typical of a major label release though, as long as they get their few good singles they’re sorted, which is wretched. Still, there’s just enough here to satisfy your ears, but it won’t be topping anybodys album of the year lists.

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For Fans of: Hey Monday, Automatic Loveletter, Paramore
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Release Date: 21.04.09
Warner Bros

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