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Summer Of Wolves

Written by: DY on 22/12/2007 02:49:55

The task of reviewing the latest offering from Pennsylvania\'s The Minor Times is not one I have been relishing. No matter how much I listen to it, I just can\'t make up my mind about how I feel about this record. Labeled fairly accurately on the promo sheet as \'contemporary hardcore\', it has been accused on many reviews circulating the net as being merely a Botch rip-off. Considering my relative unfamiliarity with Botch, this didn\'t affect the formation of my opinion at all but nevertheless I\'m still left feeling like there is something distinctly lacking from these 11 songs.

\"Summer Of Wolves\" is certainly not a bad record, but no matter how much I listen to it, I\'m never left with the feeling that it is ever pushing the limits of simply average. The songs initially come across well and are full of aggression, screamed vocals that are just about decipherable, heavy, distorted guitars and dirty bass lines. The disappointment is that apart from all the aggression of the album that gives you that little rush when you listen to it, there is nothing that really leaves a lasting impression on you to have you back wanting more.

The album doesn\'t really have any \'standout\' tracks, but similarly has no tracks which are notably worse than the others. I guess that means it\'s pretty much consistently mediocre. It\'s worth mentioning \"Bring In The Suit\" for it\'s 8:40 length and demonstration of the band\'s ability to progress through a longer than average song impressively. It also includes some well placed acoustic guitar and keyboard playing which at least gives the album some variety.

It may seem that I\'ve been a little uncreative with this review, but to be honest it merely reflects the vibe of the album. There\'s reviews floating around that both praise and trash \"Summer Of Wolves\", but this one chooses to do neither. Having listened to this album on and off for well over a month now, I\'m simply bored with its mediocrity and therefore I\'m not going to waste any more of your time doing the same thing to you. Basically, if you like Botch it\'s worth checking these guys out, but FYI they are now (unsurprisingly) defunct.


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Release Date 16.07.2007
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