Of Machines

As If Everything Was Held In Place

Written by: DR on 29/06/2009 18:49:18

Just about every preconception you could posses about a young Rise Records band manifests themselves in the form of Of Machines. The clothes, the hair, the Myspace, the fact they’re part of The Artery Foundation - it all seems too ready made for the 'scene', you'll either be rolling your eyes or licking your lips - and I haven't even described their sound yet.

There is a reason books have covers, "As if Everything Was Held in Place" proves this. There isn't an awful lot here we haven't seen done before time and time and time again. Instrumentally they are impressive, very impressive in fact; the guitars are ambient and spacey and sound as though the guitarists themselves need reminding they're meant to be in a post-hardcore band - not post-rock. An achievement which would be even more impressive if Oceana hadn’t already staked their claim atop this atmospheric mountain, though.

The vocals, though ridiculously impressive, again aren't anything that haven’t already been done. The choice of the word 'ridiculously' is intentional. I would love nothing more than to be able to give this young lad Dylan the benefit of the doubt, to be able to say 'his voice IS that good', but I suspect that on this occasion it's a case of hats off to the producer. When you hear the vocals you will understand why; he reaches heights that Orion would struggle to reach; just when you think his range is maxed out, he goes up the scale even further - and sustains it! Oh, and there are screams too. Decent ones, actually.

“As if Everything Was Held in Place” does have it’s decent moments, some even dare to tread the waters of 'very decent'; “Sailing Around The Room” will have you doing exactly what the title suggests, and you won't exactly rush to eradicate “Lost in Translation” from your playlists. But if you're not a fan of the genre already though, this album will never deter your view, but for those of us who don't mind the lack of ingenuity “As if Everything Was Held in Place” will provide repeated listens and sufficient enjoyment before moving on to the next scene release.


Download: Sailing Around The Room, Becoming Closure to Closure, Lost in Translation
For Fans of: Oceana, Dance Gavin Dance, Saosin, Secret and Whisper
Listen: Myspace

Release Date 3.3.2009
Record Label: Rise Records

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