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Written by: DY on 21/03/2007 00:06:14

The Used return with their first release in over two years to fill the gap whilst fans eagerly await their next studio album "Lies For The Liars" to be released in May.

Berth is the band's second live album, the first being 2003's "Maybe Memories", and is taken from a show in Vancouver recorded in 2005.

The sound quality of the record is awesome as is the band's performance, with Bert's vocal work and energy impressing as ever. Live performances are where the band really comes alive with each member giving 110%. Sadly, the setlist consists of exactly two-thirds songs from "In Love And Death" and only a third from their debut self-titled effort. Paired with the fact that the CD is only 9 tracks long unfortunately it's enough to drop the rating down. The songs are played through without any substantial variation from the studio counterparts, except for a few extra (and welcome) screams from psycho Bert and a nice extended bridge in the final song "Maybe Memories". Bert does a great job of stirring up the crowd especially in "Listening" and his enthusiasm carries throughout the show with plenty of crowd interaction during the songs.

Berth doesn't rate quite as highly as the previous live album, mainly because when the first one was recorded the band was playing with only one release under their belt, and it just so happened to be their best one to date. Still, this is not to say that the tracks on their sophomore album (and 66.6% of tracks on this album) are not an enjoyable listen.

It's fair to say that the band's biggest strength is their vocalist's seemingly limitless energy, extraordinary talent for screaming and willingness to give himself completely. If you've ever heard Bert's screaming live you'll know what I'm talking about, if you haven't then get this record. He just does it so damn good.

The record captures the band in their best form; live and bursting with passion and serves as a more than adequate filler until the studio release. It is definitely recommended to anyone who hasn't experienced The Used live and especially to those whose preferences lean slightly towards the band's newer style. If it's the classic old songs you're after, you'll be happier with a copy of "Maybe Memories".


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Release date 06.02.2007

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