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Written by: DY on 09/05/2007 00:22:13

Lakes is a band that formed in Southern California in June 2006, featuring Seth Roberts formerly of Watashi Wa. A limited number (200) of copies of the debut Photographs EP were sold at least year's Cornerstone festival, before it was made freely available for download at shortly after. Having owned (and loved) it ever since, I'm compelled to share this little gem with you readers and give some well deserved credit to the trio who created it.

"Indian Lover" is a wonderful opener, characterised by some catchy acoustic strumming and immediately draws your attention to vocalist Roberts' lyrical strengths, which are consistently apparent throughout the record. "Love Or Gain" follows in a slightly higher tempo, bringing a cynical observation of the "American dream". Electric guitars give the song a much fuller sound than it's predecessor, whilst the chorus allows Roberts to stretch his voice and give the track some energy. The upbeat title track, "Photographs" is a love song reflecting fondly on the past of a couple in a long-term relationship. Charmingly uplifting both lyrically and sonically, it's the kind of song that would fit perfectly into a romantic evening with your partner. "Laterss" tells the tale of a blossoming love, with Roberts' expressing his feelings plain and simply through lyrics such as "You're the one I dream of...this will be forever, you're the one that I love". Musically the song reaches to the skies, packed with inspiring melodies laid over bright rhythms and as many crash cymbals as you'd normally expect to hear across at least two or three songs. With lyrics so honest and romantic, it'll have you wishing that it was you that had written it for that special someone instead of Roberts.

The EP closes with "White Flag", a song which, as it's name suggests, deals with Roberts' realisation that there are times in life when you just have to accept certain situations and learn to "let it be". It's spacey and light verses are contrasted by a powerful chorus with open-ended riffing and pounding drums. As with the other tracks on the EP, the song is very clean and polished even during the heavier periods which make for very easy listening. Combined with its positivity and romanticism, the record becomes like a soothing massage to your ears.

It is by no means a collection of overly catchy songs full of simple compositions either, but at the same time it doesn't take a lot of effort to enjoy and you'll find yourself falling in love with it no time. What Lakes have created are five beautifully constructed songs which although carry deeply personal sentiments from Roberts, are still easy to relate to. Roberts has been playing music since the young age of thirteen, and the experience certainly does not go unnoticed in the way these songs have been created. Whilst this may be Lakes' debut, it's certainly not a first attempt from any of the band members and this pays off.

Definitely recommended especially to the romantics and the couples out there, but to be honest it's just five fantastically good songs from a band not too afraid to get in touch with their more emotional side and this EP can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether or not you are usually into indie music, check this one out, you won't be disappointed.

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Release date 05.09.2006
The Militia Group

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