A Drop Dead Star

It's Not Jacket Weather Anymore EP

Written by: DY on 08/11/2007 02:02:06

A Drop Dead Star is a pop-punk band from Peterborough, New Hampshire. Their debut EP was released earlier in the year, receiving very little attention from the press thus they remain unsigned to this day. The five tracks which collectively form "It's Not Jacket Weather Anymore" take a smidgen over 15 minutes to play out and approximately the same amount of time to forget. Not because they are particularly bad, but because there are so many other bands in the current music scene that do it so much better.

The band's main problem is the lack of originality, the music is about as new and exciting as baked beans. Straight away from the first track "For Esme. With Love And Squalor", you know that you aren't listening to a band that are going to share anything with your ears that you haven't heard before. It's not that the tracks are overly simplified or cringingly cheezy like Cartel's recent record and the fact that they have released it themselves means that it's not horribly overproduced, but with the likes of The Wonder Years and Yellowcard releasing material, this lack of innovation just isn't going to cut it.

"Swiper. No Swiping" is the catchiest of the tracks and the one most likely to end up being a single should the band get signed. Unfortunately, it's also the most annoying. The chorus is just painful to listen to, especially when it is repeated over and over to the end of the song. The best song on the CD is the closing "My Heart Hates Ugos", which at last gives you some riffs that get under your skin and get you dancing. We are also treated to some (rare) stretched vocals here, a deviation from the rest of the EP which has cleanly sung vocals and you get a feeling of passion from the band.

The bottom line is that these guys are simply not fresh enough to make me choose them over the vast amount of alternatives on offer. I'd like to say that I'm optimistic about a future full length from them which would redeem them and bring something to make themselves stand out, but I'm not a liar. Even if those content with this kind of mediocre offering would have settled for a record like this a few years ago, unfortunately, I'm afraid "It's Not Good Enough Anymore".


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Release date 12.03.2007

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