No Salvation

Written by: DY on 25/10/2007 01:18:38

"No Salvation" is the second full length album from Louisville's Coliseum, and it's impressive to say the least. Loaded with both intensity and originality, it's thirty minutes of fast, aggressive and unpolished chaos that is over way too soon every time you listen to it. The songs are short enough to make the album a quick and easy listen but catchy enough for you to want to go ahead and put the whole thing on repeat. Full of punk and hardcore influences, "No Salvation" is perfect if you are looking for something fast, hard and raw.

Opening track "No Benefit" serves perfectly in preparing the listener for the brutal assault that is about to take place through the course of the rest of the album. Straight from the get go you will have your hands up playing your air guitar along to the awesome riffs displayed throughout the record, and banging your head frantically to the fast punky drum beats. At a minute and thirty three seconds long, it is the second shortest track on the album (but only by 19 seconds) and reminds you that unless you really pay attention to the tracks, they will fly by and you will miss out on all the hardcore punk goodness that the record has to offer.

"Defeater" and "The Fate Of Men" are equally great tracks and make way for "Seven Cities", another <2 minute track which is one of the highlights on the album. There's so much energy packed into this song, listening to it is like someone just threw an audio grenade into your ears and it just exploded. "Shake It Up" is also a close contender for best song on the album and begins with some awesome drum solo action and then turns into a 45 second blitz of aggressive vocals, hard riffs and guitar feedback. The opening drum beats of "Funeral Line" sound like the name suggests and continue underneath guitarist/frontman Ryan Patterson's half shouted, half growled vocals. The track also sees the band in their most melodic and (ironically) upbeat form before "White Religion" launches them back into madness. Chris Maggio's impressive drumming once again forces itself at the forefront of your attention, as it so often does throughout the album.

If you enjoy your hardcore punk then getting this album is a no-brainer. There are no weak links to break the flow or slow down the onslaught of fast and powerful songs that "No Salvation" fires at you like speeding bullets, so you won't find yourself skipping any of the tracks. What you will find yourself doing, (owing partly to the short length of the songs) is hitting repeat 4 or 5 times after songs like "Shake It Up" finish because they are just too damn good to last only a minute and a half. With the whole album clocking in at 31 minutes, it's easily worth your time so you've no excuse not to listen to it. A superb record

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Release Date 27.08.07
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