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We Are Sick of Not Having The Courage To Be Absolute Nobodies

Written by: DR on 25/08/2009 19:26:58

And the award for worst album title of the year goes to...

It seems that over recent years there has been a surge in bands claiming to belong to the genres melodic hardcore / pop punk-hardcore / pop-mosh / popcore / melodic pop-core, well, you get the idea. Personally, I find the genre annoyingly unoriginal; they've essentially taken pop-punk and whatevercore (the two most over-done genres around) in order to please the scene. Ugh. Still, reviews are supposed to be objective, so I guess I'll have to put my personal bias aside and you just lost the game, approach this EP with all the open-mindedness of a naive nun.

From the instant the drums and guitars kick in on "88 Says", and the mumbling vocals start you'll start to regret pressing the 'play' button, until the more talented second vocalist (who, and I cannot actually believe I'm about to say this: reminds me a very teeny tiny bit of Tom Delonge) starts singing away and a smile creeps its way on to your face. "Natural Tailor of Natural Joy" features typical gang chants, and lyrics that make one want to poke one's eyes and ears repeatedly with hot iron rods: "you got what you wanted, be cool, just be you", yet for some inexplicable reason your foot will be tapping along.

Being a short 3 songs and 9 minutes long, there really isn't that much to say, there is one final track "Phuckette Motorsports", but it is the worst of the lot, fitted with a vocal screaming style Polar Bear Club pretty much own. Aside from that, you'll know after 10 seconds of listening whether or not you will like or loathe this band. There is nothing here that deserving of your time or attention - it's not catchy enough to be good pop-punk, it's not really heavy enough to be 'core' anything; it feels stuck between genres, like a band trying to escape their previously heavier (and so much better) sound and not really knowing which direction to head.


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Release Date 27.06.2009
Pitfall Records

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