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Withstanding Voracity

Written by: DR on 17/07/2009 15:38:29

With a name and artwork such as these have, you won’t win any prizes for guessing what style of music they play - "this band bends and breaks the boundaries of the term 'melodic hardcore'" says the blurb. Meanwhile, back down here in the real world, this Austrian quintet is surging forward armed with a 'fuck you' attitude and a stream of tattoos, and though they did forget to pack creativity, they have the most important asset of all: passion.

Drawing clear influences from the likes of punk, hardcore, and melodic hardcore, this album does seem more of a nod to their heroes, playing the music they love and have grown up adulating, rather than five guys hoping to set the music world on fire by bringing something entirely innovative to the already packed table. Not that this is a bad thing though.

The musicianship is choppy, and maintains a decent level of quality but without ever really exciting or inspiring awe, and the vocals - despite great effort and energy – sound far too forced and as an unfortunate result, whiny and incoherent. You’d also have to check the case to distinguish exactly what song it is you're listening to, and even though the band throw in the odd device to differentiate between songs like: clean vocals, gang chants and audio ripped from the film "The Devil’s Advocate" (which is actually used very well and helps make "Black Mountain, Red Sea" one of the stand out points on this album), it all sounds too... samey.

Still, through all of their limitations shines through genuine fervency. It makes a change that a record sounds authentic and boasts such raw emotion and doesn’t for one moment resonate the plastic, synthetic bands that linger around the music scene like a bad smell. They just need to experiment and be more creative if they are to separate themselves from the pack.


Download: Ghostship, Black Mountain Red Sea, Suspire Life
For the fans of: Hardcore and Punk
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Release Date 08.05.2009
Let It Burn Records

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