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Break Your Frame EP

Written by: DR on 08/07/2009 20:59:49

Just when you start to think pop punk well is running so very dry, a band like Break Your Frame will come along, and begin to restore some faith that pop punk can still put a smile on your rather than leave you lamenting the lack of enjoyment found in it these days.

Hailing from Uddevalla, Sweden - though you wouldn't have guessed it based on how 'sunny' they sound - they've already started making a name for themselves, and it's by no means difficult to see (or hear) why. Yes, it's power pop punk, and no, it is not particularly original, but it is strangely refreshing. I've seldom heard an album that invigorates the dancing muscles or paints a smile on your face quite like Break Your Frame accomplish here.

The opener "Strange Games" is typical fast paced pop punk, with average lyrics about heartbreak or pining after girls "You messed me up real good/you turned my whole world upside down" which aren't exactly as poetic as Jordan Dreyer's, but they fit well within the tempo; plus there's also the typical woahhh, but it is ridiculously infectious. Hereafter, the record follows pretty much the same suit, heartbreak and betrayal themed lyrics, and chord driven musicanship - it's all very cliché, but is that always a bad thing though, especially when it's pulled off so very well?

Other than the fact that there's a relatively decent attempt at a ballad, what else is there really to say? Pop punk lovers will, inevitably, love this album; but even for the rest of us there's something to enjoy here. It may not be brilliant, and come the end of the year I won't regard this EP as one of 2009s most superlative moments, but in the search for addictive and fun-filled pop punk you could do a lot, lot worse.


Download: Strange Games, A Lonely Hearts Tale, With The Sun In Our Eyes
For Fans of: Cartel, Motion City Soundtrack, Danger Is My Middle Name, Blink 182
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Release Date 09.04.2009
Fastcircle Records

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