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Written by: DR on 23/09/2009 20:16:56

Maybe there has just been more focus directed towards the style, but it seems that over recent years there has been an increase in bands that use the dreaded synthesisers, and they don't seem to be going away anytime soon. However, do TornApart fall victim, as too many do in my eyes, of overdoing the electronic beats?

Yes, and no. There are moments when they use synthesisers to garnish their music, it's not the music itself, and it works very well; yet, some songs - namely the interludes and such - they seem to forget they actually have other instruments, which, they actually are allowed to use. These interludes are, ultimately, failures. They are not upbeat or engaging enough to entice you into dancing, nor are they well constructed or melodic enough to bother listening to them.

When they do remember they are six other members of the band waiting in the wings, I doubt you'll be caught searching for the 'skip' button. "Metafiction" kicks off the album (I'm not counting the synth introduction) in a fashion any metal/hardcore influenced album should: guitars, drums and screams ablaze, and if the album didn't stop for those bloody interludes, you wouldn't ever have to look back. There are clean vocals used, and the reality that he doesn't possess a great voice is one you'll ignore, because it's hard not to be impressed when he performs his not-quite-singing-not-quite-shouting cries, and the show-stopping screamers really get in to their stride. "Forever Damaged" is the best song on the album, despite it's electronica-inspired debacle that starts at 2:42 and ends 11 seconds later. The screaming, by the way, is sure to leave your mouth watering at the thought of how good it would be had this album been better produced.

This album should end the instant "Memento Mori" does, but no. They decide to finish the album off with the "Medusa Reprise", a rap on top of diabolical beats, which is guaranteed to leave a foul taste in your mouth, a taste I had previously believed only Brokencyde could induce - when they had taken time away from sucking the Devil's dick in order to make 'music', that is.

Eight songs: three of which are completely pointless, one will feel like it's violating you, but the other four, when they pick up their instruments and actually play, are worthy of your time. You have to grade the album as a whole, and not on its best songs, unfortunately.


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For Fans of: Silent Descent, House vs. Hurricane, Blood Stain Child
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Release Date 01.05.2009

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