Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
B. Hamilton Everything I Own Is Broken 27/08/2012 PP
B. Impatient Intensity 17/09/2006 PH
Baaba Kulka Baaba Kulka 27/07/2011 PP
Baby In Vain For The Kids EP 06/05/2016 TL
Baby Scream Identity Theft EP 10/10/2010 TL 4
Baby Woodrose Freedom 14/09/2016 BV
Baby Woodrose Kicking Ass & Taking Names 19/02/2014 BV 7
Baby Woodrose Third Eye Surgery 15/12/2012 BV
Babylove & The Van Dangos Let It Come, Let It Go 16/05/2012 PP 8
Babylove & The Van Dangos On My Life 01/01/2016 PP 8
Babymetal Metal Resistance 19/06/2016 PP
Backmasker Effigies EP 22/03/2013 PP
Backslashes And Bad Ideas There's No Place Like Home 20/10/2013 HES
Backyard Babies Backyard Babies 17/08/2008 PP 7
Bad Books Bad Books 23/03/2011 DR
Bad Case of Big Mouth Break It to Build It 11/11/2016 MAK
Bad Case Of Big Mouth Straight Up Bad Luck 07/01/2015 PP 8
Bad Cop/Bad Cop Not Sorry 06/01/2016 MIN 7
Bad Cop/Bad Cop The Ride 19/12/2020 PP 7
Bad Ideas Compromise 07/05/2013 MN
Bad Luck Cold Bones 07/01/2015 MN
Bad Luck Charms Bad Luck Charms 30/05/2008 PP 6
Bad More Ending Theory Of Endless Sacrifice EP 09/08/2010 PP
Bad Religion 30 Years Live 07/06/2010 PP
Bad Religion Age Of Unreason 22/10/2019 PP
Bad Religion Christmas Songs EP 26/11/2013 PP
Bad Religion New Maps Of Hell 10/08/2007 PP
Bad Religion The Dissent Of Man 14/10/2010 PP
Bad Religion The Process Of Belief 24/03/2009 PP 10
Bad Religion True North 20/01/2013 PP
BAEST Danse Macabre 25/10/2018 AP 8
BAEST Necro Sapiens 11/08/2021 AP 8
BAEST Venenum 17/02/2021 AP 8
Balance & Composure / Tigers Jaw Split 22/08/2010 PP 8
Balance And Composure Light We Made 27/12/2016 PP
Balance And Composure Only Boundaries EP 04/09/2009 DR 8
Balance and Composure Separation 11/05/2011 DR
Balance and Composure The Things We Think We're Missing 26/11/2013 DR
Baldhead and the Dreads Battle of Armadogeon 24/11/2020 MAK 7
Balmorhea Constellations 14/12/2010 DR 8
Bam Margera Presents... Viva La Bands Vol. 2 10/04/2008 DY 7
Band Of Beards Fuerteventura 11/05/2011 PP
Band Of Horses Mirage Rock 20/10/2012 TL 7
Band Of Horses Why Are You OK 09/07/2016 TL
Band Of Skulls By Default 15/06/2016 TL
Band Of Skulls Himalayan 08/04/2014 TL 8
Band Of Skulls Sweet Sour 29/02/2012 TL 8
Bandit Of Life 16/01/2015 TL
Bandname Breakfast 30/03/2011 PP
Bane Boston 6:58pm / Los Angeles 3:58pm 18/01/2010 PP 8


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