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Third Eye Surgery

Written by: BV on 15/12/2012 11:36:58

It’s been a good year for the Danish psychedelic rock scene, as 2012 has seen both the release of the eighth studio album by Baby Woodrose, and the third by The Setting Son (just to name a few). The new album by Baby Woodrose; “Third Eye Surgery” is what this review will be about.

Prior to the release of “Third Eye Surgery” Lorenzo Woodrose made it very clear that this album would by far be the most spaced out album yet to be released under the name Baby Woodrose, and further proclaimed that the sound of the album would be inspired by the legends of space-rock Hawkwind, and other similar bands. The end result of this inspiration, paired with Lorenzo’s songwriting, has got to be one of the craziest, catchiest and trippiest Danish releases I’ve heard in a while, with songs ranging from the full-on psychedelic rock of “It’s Just a Ride” to the psych-pop duet “Dandelion” (featuring Emma Acs on guest vocals).

As I mentioned earlier on in this review, the album is clearly of a much more psychedelic nature than the previous Baby Woodrose albums, as those were much more garage-oriented. The blooming psychedelia of the album can clearly be heard on a track like “Dandelion” which is essentially a song with no chorus per se. What it does have however, is a thick layer of twelve string guitar riffs accompanied by a sitar, and a garage rock-sounding rhythm section droning around the same three or four chords - as basic as it gets, but it sure as hell gets the job done.

Apart from the dominant psychedelic nature of the album, there are also other underlying layers of inspiration, which can be heard in the almost post-punk sounding “Waiting for the War”, with its apocalyptic lyrics and blatantly heavy riffs - both a treat as well as point of wonder. I mean, it’s not exactly every day you find a post-punk sounding track on a psychedelic rock album, but it actually works great as variation from the otherwise trippy tracks on the album.

After listening to this album quite a few times, I seem to have established that the album works great as a whole, but there are certain tracks I wouldn’t really dig if it weren’t for the cohesion with the rest of the album. For instance, the track “Nothing is Real” which apparently receives quite a lot of appraisal doesn’t really get me going. As a matter of fact, the sitar that I loved on “Dandelion“ tends to be the main focus of my frustration in this track, as I feel there is just way too much going on at the same time, culminating in a far too confusing soundscape, at least for my preferences. Which is actually a damn shame, since the rest of the album is downright fantastic to my ears.

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Release Date 16.04.2012
Bad Afro Records

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