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Balance And Composure. Tigers Jaw. Two bands that according to many may be the very best up-and-coming acts from the East Coast music scene, waiting for the critical mass of people to discover them before both explode to the awareness of the scene at large. Those of us in the know, however, already know that both bands write some of the most unique - and simultaneously the best - music for the time being, so much so that it seems impossible to imagine either band writing a bad song at any point in their career. So if you haven't checked out either or both bands yet, here's a chance you don't often get from bands of this caliber: a nine track split album with all original content.

First up is Balance And Composure, whose brilliance stems from the calculated, tortured screams of their vocalist Jon Simmons. Together with guitarist Andy Slaymaker, they come up with some haunting vocal melodies that recall either Crime In Stereo/Brand New from their most emotionally charged pieces, or alternatively Boys Night Out especially during the many clean vocal parts that could've been on latter's brilliant album "Trainwreck". And as much as I love Tigers Jaw, it has to be said that Balance & Composure shows incredible strength with "Kaleidoscope" and "Rope", two very different tracks who both rely on a high dosage of emotional charge plus experimental songwriting to distinguish the band from their peers.

As for Tigers Jaw, if you've listened to these guys before, you know what their strengths are. Indie-flavored, original emo tone in the guitars, with just the right mix of melancholy and brightness to provide a saddened, yet optimistic and hopeful mood, plus the best emo vocalist in the scene currently, Adam McIlwee. There are no screams nor high pitch wails to be found here, just pure, raw emotion that spills and drips from the end of every line sung by this guy. Just listen to the "And I...long pause" opening of "Jet Alone" to hear what I mean. Same goes for "Lodging", which continues precisely where the self-titled debut album left off, containing just enough tempo to make the song pack a punch despite it's otherwise 'light' instrumentation. It's the sheer quality of composition that makes Tigers Jaw songs so special.

So there you have it. Two incredible bands getting together to record a bunch of tracks in an effort to mirror their own popularity to the other's fans, and vice versa. It's a great idea because although on surface the bands sound like they're from a different planet, a few listens later you realize that they share many of the same ideals and approaches when it comes to writing brilliant music. You have no excuse not to check both bands out, especially because we're at a point in time when it's any day/week/month now that they'll blow up. Don't you wanna be a part of that?


Download: Jet Alone, Rope
For the fans of: Brand New, Boys Night Out, The Get Up Kids, Promise Ring
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Release date 11.05.2010
No Sleep Records / Run For Cover Records

Tigers Jaw:

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