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Written by: MN on 07/05/2013 13:31:46

It completely escapes me how bands like Bad Ideas have not garnered the significant acclaim they deserve. Their songs are sincere, well written and vibrant. Their music probably appeals to the tastebuds of many. Playing an amalgamation of folk, punk and tinges of country/blues, Bad Idea's produce songs that structurally speaking, are simple 3-minute punk tunes, but their acoustic tonality gives a certain warm and full bodied nature to their sound, and that, coupled with meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies, makes Bad Ideas a pretty damn good idea. ”Compromise” is their third release and continues the tradition of refreshing folksy punk. The album contains 10 infectious tunes in similar tonalities, but Bad Ideas have found a foolproof formula that works.

The album is opened by the acoustic and mildly melancholic ”Compromise”, followed by the hardhitting ”A Little Lost” that is the first impression of the grand songwriting that characterize Bad Ideas. This tune could easily have been written by the The Gaslight Anthem. ”The Easy Life” and ”Fake Teeth” are exhilarating punk tracks with some great drum work and a combination of distorted and acoustic guitars. One of the key highlights on this record is surely ”Lincoln”, one of the catchiest and most driven songs on the record. Vocalist and guitarist Sam Cook sings in a soothing, delicate, yet very confident manner, a song like ”Simple Connections” brings the best of Sam Cook's vocals but also allows for the the rhythm section to fully fledge out during the bridges. The album is sealed off with ”Little Things”, a bombastic and memorable punk song.

Similar to Frank Turner, Bad Ideas are riding waves in the folk-punk ocean and to remain buoyant the consistency in songwriting is paramount to the survival of bands like these. Bad Ideas breathe further life into folk punk, a subgenre best described as the punk made to be taken seriously. The young Brits provide an animated soundtrack to the forthcoming summer months. Enjoy ”Compromise”, it's definitely worth a listen.

Download: Shells And Stones, Lincoln, Fake Teeth
For The Fans Of: Frank Turner, Alkaline Trio, The Gaslight Anthem

Release Date 01.05.2013

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