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Written by: PH on 17/09/2006 15:56:56

German B. Impatient was founded in 1999. After some demos and EPs their debut album is finally set for release. In April 2003 they recorded their first songs in a studio followed by another 4 songs later that year. The 'missing' songs have been added and now the album is complete - after 7 years since the band was founded!

Sometimes taking this long to produce one album can mean a masterpiece. So does it this time? No, it's definately not a masterpiece, but not that bad either. The band has a female vocalist that could be a perfect standin for the Guano Apes singer Sandra Nasic. She has got the same rather raw rock voice and the compositions of the songs remind me (a bit too much) of Guano Apes.

The albums kicks off with a decent song "In My Head", that has got the same energy as "Open Your Eyes" by Guano Apes. This is very promising for the album, but unfortunately the next 13 songs don't quite live up to the expectations. Another song worth mentioning is "Too Much", that possesses a slight hit potential.

B. Impatient's style can be defined as alternative rock crossed with modern keyboard arrangements. Quiet passages, melancholy and fragility break through hard guitar riffs and hypnotic refrains. Still, there is a lot of work B. Impatient must do if they want to become a massive hit like Evanescence or Guano Apes. There nearly isn't one hit single, and to me this kind of music doesn't deliver the goods properly to anyone this way. You can't imagine Guano Apes having succes without hits like "Big In Japan" or "Open Your Eyes" etc. The songs sound a bit too much alike and are quite tiring in the long run.

Download: Too Much, In My Head
For The Fans Of: Guano Apes, Skunk Anansie

Release Date 21.08.2006
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