Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Icarus The Owl The Spotless Mind 29/08/2010 TL
Icarus The Owl Qualia EP 26/01/2011 TL 7
Icarus The Owl Pilot Waves 16/12/2015 HES
Icarus The Owl Love Always, Leviathan 23/08/2012 TL 8
Icarus The Owl Icarus The Owl 28/02/2014 HES 9
Ian Skelly Cut From A Star 13/10/2013 BV 8
I, The Lion Run EP 06/02/2015 TL
I'll Be Damned I'll Be Damned 13/01/2016 PP
I Was A Hero Youth And Defeat EP 24/11/2012 TL
I Used To Be A Sparrow You Are An Empty Artist 09/03/2013 BV 8
I Used To Be A Sparrow Luke 12/12/2012 BV
I The Mighty Satori 26/07/2013 TL
I The Mighty Karma Never Sleeps EP 05/06/2012 TL 8
I The Mighty Connector 10/06/2015 TL 7
I The Breather Truth And Purpose 13/07/2012 PP
I The Breather Life Reaper 28/12/2014 MBC
I Set My Friends On Fire You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter 11/11/2008 PP 6
I Set My Friends On Fire Astral Rejection 13/09/2011 PP
I See Stars The End Of The World Party 06/09/2011 BL 6
I See Stars New Demons 19/12/2013 PP
I See Stars Digital Renegade 06/04/2012 BL
I See Stars 3D 15/04/2009 BL
I Never Heard The Bullet Moving With Grace That Men Despise EP 14/04/2010 TL
I Met You In A Campfire ISLANDS EP 16/11/2011 DR 7
I Like Trains The Shallows 30/07/2012 TL 7
I Killed The Prom Queen Music For The Recently Deceased 26/07/2006 AP 10
I Killed The Prom Queen Beloved 15/02/2014 JWM 8
I Hate Our Freedom Seriously 12/04/2011 PP
I Farm IV 09/05/2006 ASH 5
I Divide Last One Standing 14/07/2014 PP
I Can See Mountains Life On A Houseboat 12/09/2013 TL
I Can See Mountains Hope You Never Get It 17/01/2012 TL 8
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business Gold Rush 31/05/2011 TL 8
I Can Make A Mess Growing In 04/12/2014 TL
I Can Make A Mess Enola 16/11/2013 TL 6
I Call Fives / Rust Belt Lights Split EP 29/05/2011 TL
I Call Fives Someone That's Not You EP 14/09/2012 RB 8
I Call Fives I Call Fives 14/09/2012 RB 7
I Call Fives Bad Advice EP 20/06/2010 DR 7
I Am The Messenger The War Between 06/05/2011 PP 6
I Am The Avalanche Wolverines 19/03/2014 PP 7
I Am The Avalanche Avalanche United 27/10/2011 PP 8
I Am Sonic Rain Between Whales & Feverish Lights 21/12/2010 DR 7
I Am King Solidarity EP 01/04/2015 TL
I Am King Onehundred 15/12/2013 TL
I Am King I Am King EP 30/09/2012 TL
I Am I Event Horizon 05/12/2012 PP 7
I Am Hunger Odium 22/02/2012 AP 8
I Am Heresy Thy Will 31/03/2014 PP
I Am Ghost Those We Leave Behind 10/11/2008 TL 4


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