Ice Nine Kills

The Predator Becomes The Prey

Written by: PP on 12/02/2014 23:00:58

Many of us remember Ice Nine Kills from their phenomenal EP "The Burning" from 2007, which exploded them into the post-hardcore scene with its blinding riffs and brilliant clean/scream dynamics that crossed over into theatrics on occasion. Since then, the band have become a far more mundane and dime-a-dozen in their delivery, leaving but few hints behind from their once so technical guitar licks and infectious choruses. "The Predator Becomes The Prey" is their third album overall, and one where they redeem some of their old qualities but still find themselves hopelessly amidst a thousand other bands in an extremely saturated genre.

The hype that once surrounded this band has relinquished years ago, so they've now had more room to write a new album without the intense pressure that surrounded the writing and recording process leading up to sophomore record "Safe Is Just A Shadow". On one hand, their sound now feels less forced and more natural, so although we're still dealing with dramatic technical passages and a theatrical post-hardcore stylistically, the melodies flow better and vocalist Spencer Charnas sounds more relaxed in his delivery. A song like "The Coffin Is Moving" recalls some of those "The Burning" EP moments, whereas the morbidly titled "The Fastest Way To A Girls Heart Is Through Her Ribcage" is more of a standard clean vocal post-hardcore track with a few well-placed backing screams bringing the song home. Chiodos, Saosin, even The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus all come to mind in one way or another, but elsewhere we notice references to bands like Alesana, especially when the band goes for a more aggressive, breakneck speed delivery like that on "Connect The Cuts". Here the breakdowns are humongous, but luckily for the rest of the album breakdowns aren't used as opposed to solid and technically oriented riffage for the most part.

Overall, "The Predator Becomes The Prey" is a decent post-hardcore album without being an excellent one. It's missing a couple of songs so good you can't but help listening to them over and over again. The tracks are generally catchy, but lack the final push to make them worth true critical acclaim. Get your theatrical post-hardcore fix here, but don't expect album of the year material.


Download: The Power In Belief, Jonathan, The Fastest Way To A Girls Heart Is Through Her Ribcage
For the fans of: Alesana, Chiodos, The Used
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Release date 21.01.2014
Outerloop Records

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