Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
I Am Ghost Lovers Requiem 13/12/2006 TL
I Am Forever The Tragic Tale Of Jonny Pumpkinhead EP 02/12/2010 TL 8
I Am Empire Kings 02/02/2011 TL 7
I Am Empire I Am Empire 26/01/2011 TL
I Am Empire Anchors 06/05/2013 TL 7
I Am Carpenter My God Clara 30/12/2012 TL 8
I Am Bones The Greater Good 03/10/2007 PP
I Am Alpha And Omega The Roar & The Whisper 11/01/2011 PP 8
I Am Alaska To Elude The Architect EP 26/06/2009 TL 7
I Am Alaska So They Say EP 01/05/2011 TL 6
I Am Alaska A Day In The Life EP 29/12/2008 TL 7
I Am Abomination To Our Forefathers 10/07/2010 BL 8
I Am Abomination Passion Of The Heist EP 26/07/2011 PP 7
I Am Abomination Let The Future Tell The Truth 12/02/2013 PP 8


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