Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Eyes Set To Kill The World Outside 22/07/2009 AP 5
Eyes Set To Kill Reach 22/02/2008 AP
Eyes Of Mara Eyes Of Mara 31/10/2014 MBC
Eyehategod Eyehategod 28/05/2014 AP
Eye For An Eye Downfall 24/05/2010 PP 3
Extreme Take Us Alive 03/05/2010 PP 7
Extortionist The Black Sheep EP 01/06/2014 MBC
Explosions in the Sky The Wilderness 09/06/2016 LF
Explosions in the Sky Take Care, Take Care, Take Care 10/08/2011 DR 7
Expire With Regret 24/12/2016 PP
Expire Pretty Low 29/09/2014 AP 8
Expect Nothing The Movie Eatery 10/07/2009 PP
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo Tree Of Tongues 06/07/2012 PP 8
Exodus Blood In, Blood Out 29/10/2014 MN 8
Exmortem Funeral Phantoms 20/10/2008 AB
Exit-13 High Life! 26/12/2007 PP 4
Exit Ten Remember The Day 05/09/2008 AP 5
Exit Ten Give Me Infinity 20/09/2011 TL
Exilia My Own Army 05/01/2009 TL 6
Exhumed All Guts, No Glory 01/09/2011 EW 7
Exhale Blind 16/05/2010 PP
Exeloume Fairytale Of Perversion 06/09/2011 PP
Exciter Thrash Speed Burn 15/04/2008 PP 4
Excido This Is Happening 13/11/2006 PP 8
Ex Friends Twisted Around EP 28/07/2013 PP
Ex Friends Rules For Making Up Words 14/01/2014 PP
Ex Friends Animal Needs EP 10/09/2014 PP
Evra Lightbearer 03/08/2015 PP
Evocation Illusions of Grandeur 03/12/2012 EW 5
Evocation Apocalyptic 31/12/2010 AP
Evile Infected Nations 20/10/2009 GR
Evile Enter The Grave 18/10/2007 PP
Evil Invaders Pulses of Pleasure 14/03/2015 EW 7
Evil Shoot the Messenger 22/01/2015 EW
Evig Natt Darkland 19/04/2010 PP 6
Evi Vine Give Your Heart To The Hawks 22/12/2014 BW 7
Everything We Left Behind Our Ears Are Bleeding 14/12/2011 PP
Everything Everything Arc 02/09/2013 JWM 7
Everything Ever Solid Ground 25/09/2014 PP 8
Everything Burns Take Your Aim 31/12/2013 TL 6
Everything Burns Home 30/03/2010 TL
Everyone Everywhere The Rookie 11/03/2011 PP
Everyone Everywhere Everyone Everywhere (2012) 12/12/2012 DR
Everyone Everywhere Everyone Everywhere 02/09/2010 TL
Everyone Everywhere A Lot Of Weird People Standing Around 7 Inch 10/06/2009 PP 8
Everyone Dies In Utah Seeing Clearly 14/06/2011 BL
Everyday Tragedy Lovesick, Heartbroken Or Somewhere In Between 22/02/2007 TL 4
Everybody Run Let Go EP 09/01/2013 TL
Every Time I Die The Big Dirty 11/09/2007 PP 6
Every Time I Die Shit Happens 11/02/2007 KS


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