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Hope You Never Get It

Written by: TL on 17/01/2012 18:38:15

As you may have noticed, my recently posted reviews have all been about me clearing out a sizable backlog from 2011, yet while I really should be focusing on getting on with that, I want to take a brief break to introduce you to one of the newcomers here in early 2012. The band is called I Can See Mountains, they are a quintet from Buffalo, NY, their debut EP "Hope You Never Get It" recently hit the intertubes, and I have been listening to it pretty much non-stop since AP pointed it out as something I would be interested in.

On this EP, I Can See Mountains prove to be just another example of how good the North American punk rock scene is these days, mixing elements from both the somewhat trending, raw, mid-west punk sound, and the more quirky melodies from the more underground streams of indie/emo. The result is bright, buzzing songs, sung about partying and being drunk and sounding like nostalgia and great times. The instrumentals are pretty much what you've come to expect from the genre, or more precisely, it's slightly less punk end, as their are a solid amount of tempo changes present, meaning that bands like Carpenter, Red City Radio and The Menzingers are probably better comparisons than say Banner Pilot.

Just like Red City Radio, I Can See Mountains also make good use of the voices of all band members (from the sound of it), with both rough vocals that sound a bit like Jimmy Stadt (from Polar Bear Club) and a more shaky, emo cleans that remind me a bit of Tigers Jaw. On top of that, there are plenty of gang choruses of varying decrees of roughness, which at least at one point give me the unparalleled pleasure that I get from hearing something that sounds like "Your Favourite Weapon"-era Brand New".

The point of this all is though, that while I've listed some comparable bands in the For The Fans Of section below here, fans of everything from Banner Pilot to Moneen should really be interested in this. Especially considering that the hook-to-track ratio on the seven cuts on offer is well over 1.0. "The Stale Parade" for instance, has at least two catchy singalongable bits between its bridge and chorus, and "Hey Man" feels like it's nothing but good part upon good part upon good part. Furthermore, the combination of horns and Jimmy Eat World-ish ringing guitar melodies that end the record on "The Search For Phil Cummings" is just another awesome treat, that shows further nuance to a band that really doesn't adhere to any prejudices people might have about punk rock records being samey.

Anyway, I would spend time dissecting this record more, and hyping it more, if I thought it would be necessary, but really, if you're at all in the market for this kind of music, it should take just one or two listens to convince you that this is a disc worth many, many spins, and that consequently, I Can See Mountains is probably a band you should keep a watchful eye on in the future. It seems unlikely that the indie/emo/punk-rock combination can keep producing interesting records, but judging from this one, we haven't seen the end of them yet.


Download: Hey Man, The Stale Parade, Crossing The Delaware At The Museum Of Modern Art
For The Fans Of: Carpenter, Red City Radio, Scream Hello,
Listen: facebook.com/icanseemountains

Release Date 14.01.2012

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