Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Feral Ghost A Gathering Storm 08/04/2014 LF
Dawn Landes Bluebird 30/04/2014 LF 8
Ready, Set, Fall Memento 30/04/2014 LF
Darwin & the Dinosaur Remus EP 05/05/2014 LF 6
Ciccone Ritchie Within Our Parameters 22/05/2014 LF
Planara Hostiles EP 31/05/2014 LF 7
Elder Brother Heavy Head 01/06/2014 LF 9
Alaya Thrones 02/06/2014 LF
The Story So Far Songs Of EP 25/06/2014 LF
Surviving The Charade We're Never Coming Home 28/06/2014 LF 7
Echoes The Pursuit 28/06/2014 LF 7
Double Experience 721835 01/08/2014 LF
A New Day Forever Tonight EP 01/08/2014 LF 5
Firstborn Old Machinery EP 01/08/2014 LF
The Ongoing Concept Saloon 01/08/2014 LF
Sun Kil Moon Benji 19/08/2014 LF
Get Stoked Washington Street EP 01/09/2014 LF 5
Blaue Blume Beau & Lorette EP 01/09/2014 LF
Braid No Coast 01/09/2014 LF 8
Totorro Home Alone 23/09/2014 LF 7
Lonely The Brave The Day's War 29/09/2014 LF
Phoebus Cartel The Ishihara Method EP 01/10/2014 LF
Lewis Knudsen Joy, Pain, Love, Songs 02/10/2014 LF
Kerretta Pirohia 08/10/2014 LF
Kuato The Great Upheaval 20/10/2014 LF
Self Defense Family Duets EP 20/10/2014 LF
Agree To Disagree If You Think We Suck Now, Just Wait Til We Sellout 27/10/2014 LF
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties We Don't Have Each Other 12/11/2014 LF
Prawn Kingfisher 13/11/2014 LF
Magtesløs of the North 24/11/2014 LF 7
Summon The Octopi Nonversations EP 30/11/2014 LF
Swans To Be Kind 12/12/2014 LF
Mogwai Rave Tapes 16/12/2014 LF 9
Me Vs Hero I'm Completely Fine 16/12/2014 LF
Vanna Void 17/12/2014 LF
Flyleaf Between the Stars 17/12/2014 LF 6
This Will Destroy You Another Language 31/12/2014 LF 8
The City On Film La Vella 30/12/2014 LF
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die Between Bodies EP 30/12/2014 LF
You Win Again Gravity Let Go Lightly EP 31/12/2014 LF
Alive In Standby Never Ending 09/01/2015 LF 7
Mimas Strong Ties 13/01/2015 LF
Lights & Motion Chronicle 16/01/2015 LF
Siamese Siamese 19/01/2015 LF 8
Kittyhawk Hello, Again 24/01/2015 LF
Halcyon Chamber Halcyon Chamber 30/01/2015 LF 6
The Decemberists What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World 09/02/2015 LF 6
Blis. Starting Fires In My Parents House EP 16/02/2015 LF
Aspiga What Happened To You? 23/02/2015 LF 7
Public Service Broadcasting The Race For Space 28/02/2015 LF 8


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