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Written by: LF on 01/08/2014 16:22:40

Double Experience from Ottawa, ON play what they classify as "neo nerd-rock". The 'nerd' part however is not meant to make you think of awkward bespectacled guys playing music with strange computer noises in it or whatever you might think nerds would do with music. Their lyrical inspiration comes from all sorts of gaming as might be indicated to some by the occasional stylization "2xxp" of their name and the abbreviation LARP – Live Action Rock Performance – (which for the uninitiated normally stands for Live Action Role-Playing) of their upcoming UK tour. But their music might still surprise you as it's certainly nothing like I would ever imagine from the sole description of "gamers making rock music".

Their debut album "721835" consists of a fairly ballsy bunch of well-written alternative rock 'n' roll songs with cheeky riffs and ambitious vocal melodies. The lyrics might very well have been inspired by nerdy things and contain plenty of references that can be cherished by fellow nerds, but at the same time they are written in a way that succeeds in communicating extremely relatable feelings and experiences. The album spans a little over half an hour across nine songs, and really gets around in that time. These guys understand the importance of spicing their songs up with different things like the intense solo of "Gambit", the cacophonous ending of "Wolf in the Ewe" or the very optimistic surge of "Destiny Chile", but the best songs are still the ones that make the most use of the gritty rock 'n' roll approach they have perfected so well.

With the song "Here's Y", which gives a critical view of the Y generation, they even take the tempo completely down and establish a melancholic feel in no time with the folky guitars. Here as well as on the rest of the album, the vocalist really shines. There's a strong presence in his voice even when it flutters in the lines with the more peculiar melodies. There are some rough edges to the album that marks it very much as a debut album, but they also suit the band's playing style so well that I hope they won't polish them too much in the future.

Download: Gambit, Who The Hell?, Strange Acquaintance, Horror Beyond Imagination
For The Fans Of: Queens of the Stone Age, Fall Out Boy, He Is Legend

Release date 01.08.2014

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