Old Machinery EP

Written by: LF on 01/08/2014 17:09:15

The quartet Firstborn from Gothenburg, Sweden are out now with their second release following their 2012 album. It is a four-song EP consisting of a potent mix of metal and alternative rock, featuring both punishing rhythms and big, insisting melodies. This gives their music just the right combination of edge and catchiness to make it linger in your memory and call for a replay ever so often.

All four songs of the release are somewhat similar in sound but the EP still manages to stay interesting from start to finish. Whether it's the cool bass and groovy riffs of "Old Machinery", the subtle piano parts that add a symphonic touch to "Value Your Life", or the extreme melancholy in the layered chorus of "Multiple Identity", there's always something happening across the EP that lets each track stand out on its own. Add to this a production that gives an epic touch to every single sound, skilled musicians and a versatile vocalist that sings some fairly intelligent lyrics, and it should be obvious that this is a release worth checking out from a band that is evolving quickly. Especially "For Our Souls", which has some djenty tendencies in its riffs and features the only screams of the release, is a joy to listen to, not least because of the last one minute and thirty seconds that gives it an explosive ending without ever running amok in the tight structure that majestically frames the entirety of the EP.

As Firstborn continue in the same musical style they had developed on their previous release, it's obvious to hear that they have really refined their craft. They are more in control of their compositions, and what really impresses on this EP is how tight they have managed to make it sound, not least thanks to a solid production.

Download: For Our Souls, Old Machinery
For The Fans Of: Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down

Release date 12.05.2014

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