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Remus EP

Written by: LF on 05/05/2014 23:55:13

Darwin & the Dinosaur are a melodic post-punk band from Norwich, UK. This is their second EP "Remus", the follow-up to their "Romulus" EP from last year, and if you're into British accents and emo-influenced post-punk, this could be an EP for you.

The first track "I Said Goodbye" is undoubtedly the strongest of the five songs on this fifteen minute EP, and even though its chorus is not the catchiest of the EP, it's actually so good that it has been popping into my head spontaneously more than just a few times during the last couple of weeks. Everything from its frantic intro-riff to its lovely vocal harmonies appeals massively to me. Next up is "Evergreen" which is mostly memorable for its vocals which are just on the verge of screaming from time to time, particularly powerfully executed on two aggressive lines of the lyrics that go "Cause you've never helped, you never have or never will, so what the hell", and slightly later simply: "Sometimes things just need to die!". "Say To Me" is a more casually moody song and contrasts nicely with the roughness of "Evergreen". It has the catchiest refrain and a poppy, optimistic air to it, but unfortunately it's too easily forgotten, and this might really be the biggest problem of this EP overall. Despite its appealing guitar riffs and good production, it's just too generic.

Thus "Forever May" and "Stalemate" are appealing songs as well, but don't bring a lot of new things to the band's sound, although we're treated to more lyrical gems like the line "If I knew then what I know now, it wouldn't change a thing" on "Forever May". As the EP ends, I only really want to listen to "I Said Goodbye" once more, and sadly the rest of the songs fly by too quickly. That being said, I do dig the sound of this band and I sincerely hope they manage to build on that and find a hint of something more their own to show to the world on their forthcoming debut album.


Download: I Said Goodbye
For The Fans Of: Pentimento, Peace Mercutio, Prawn, Crash of Rhinos
Listen: facebook.com/darwinandthedinosaur

Release date 14.03.2014

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