Gig Reviews

Artist Support Where Date Author
Thirty Seconds To Mars Twin Atlantic Copenhagen, DEN 21/02/2014 TL
Third Eye Blind The Upwelling Copenhagen, DEN 11/05/2010 TL
These Arms Are Snakes Sinai Copenhagen, DEN 29/07/2007 PP
The xx Kelela Copenhagen, DEN 10/02/2017 MIN
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die Kamikaze Girls Copenhagen, DEN 16/03/2018 PP
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die mewithoutYou Copenhagen, DEN 02/02/2016 PP
The Word Alive I See Stars + Dayshell Copenhagen, DEN 20/12/2013 PP
The Word Alive I See Stars + Dayshell Southampton, UK 01/12/2013 BL
The Wonder Years All Or Nothing + For Friendship´s Sake + Save Your Breath Kingston, UK 28/11/2007 PP
The War on Drugs Few Bits Copenhagen, DEN 25/11/2017 MIN
The War on Drugs Quilt Copenhagen, DEN 21/05/2014 BV
The Wands The Love Coffin Copenhagen, DEN 19/12/2014 BV
The Vision Bleak Saturnus + Dordeduh London, UK 06/10/2013 EW
The Virginmarys Beat City Copenhagen, DEN 09/09/2013 TL
The Vintage Caravan Black Mirrors Copenhagen, DEN 01/05/2019 AP
The Vaccines Holograms Copenhagen, DEN 25/10/2012 TL
The Used Yourcodenameis:Milo Nottingham, UK 22/01/2005 PP
The Used None Copenhagen, DEN 06/06/2007 TL
The Twilight Singers None Copenhagen, DEN 27/03/2011 TL
The Twilight Sad Harmonics Copenhagen, DEN 03/04/2015 TL
The Sword Lonely Kamel + Bombus Copenhagen, DEN 27/01/2013 AP
The Swellers All Or Nothing + A Man Down + The Faux Southampton, UK 05/05/2010 AP
The Stradlins Stars Burn Stripes + Catwax Hair Machine Copenhagen, DEN 14/11/2009 PP
The Story So Far Seahaven Copenhagen, DEN 27/09/2013 TL
The Smith Street Band Forever Unclean Copenhagen, DEN 20/08/2015 TL
The Smashing Pumpkins Beware Of Darkness Copenhagen, DEN 31/07/2013 PP
The Shaking Sensations The Day We Left Earth + It Came From A Lab + Emergency Lane Copenhagen, DEN 22/07/2011 AP
The Rumour Said Fire The New Spring Copenhagen, DEN 25/11/2012 TAJ
The Rolling Stones n/a London, UK 13/07/2013 IM
The Revival Tour Chuck Ragan + Rocky Votolato + Jay Malinowski + Emily Barker + Cory Branan Copenhagen, DEN 25/10/2012 AP
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Kill The Arcade + Sherwood London, UK 26/05/2008 PP
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Sherwood + Kill The Arcade Southampton, UK 16/05/2008 AP
The Raveonettes Schultz And Forever + So-so Echo Copenhagen, DEN 15/03/2013 BV
The Raveonettes Mini Mansions Copenhagen, DEN 11/12/2014 BV
The Queers Fall Back Down + Dungeon Days Valby, DEN 08/04/2019 PP
The Psyke Project Blood Label + The New Low Copenhagen, DEN 28/01/2011 AP
The Psyke Project The Burning + Scarred By Beauty Copenhagen, DEN 25/09/2009 AP
The Psyke Project Anime Torment Copenhagen, DEN 18/05/2013 AP
The Psyke Project Whelm Copenhagen, DEN 09/10/2010 AP
The Psyke Project Vira Lyngby, DEN 05/09/2008 PP
The Psyke Project None Copenhagen, DEN 03/10/2014 PP
The Presidents Of The United States Of America Siamese Fighting Fish Copenhagen, DEN 23/07/2014 PP
The Perfect Unseen PMS + Syrereng Copenhagen, DEN 08/05/2010 TL
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Flag White Copenhagen, DEN 19/08/2011 TL
The Ocean Redwood Hill Copenhagen, DEN 19/05/2015 AP
The Ocean Intronaut + Red Fang + Earthship Lyngby, DEN 02/06/2011 AP
The Night Flight Orchestra none Copenhagen, DEN 24/08/2018 AP
The Next Generation Of Danish Metal The Interbeing + Fiji + Essence + She Is Malignant Copenhagen, DEN 10/07/2009 PP
The New Shit Showcase VI Eyes + Drukner + Pudsige Herrer + Expatriated + Human + (0) Copenhagen, DEN 05/01/2019 AP
The New Shit Showcase V Heathe + Ethereal Kingdoms + Archives of Alaska + HIRAKI + Wölfblood + Morild Copenhagen, DEN 06/01/2018 LL


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