Gig Reviews

Artist Support Where Date Author
Hypocrisy Bloodshot Dawn + Ancient Ascendant London, UK 16/04/2013 EW
Hundred Reasons From Autumn To Ashes + Flood Of Red Southampton, UK 14/01/2008 AP
Hotel Books Convictions Arnhem, NL 02/02/2017 PP
Hot Water Music Tim Barry + The Flatliners Berlin, GER 27/04/2018 PP
Hot Water Music The Flatliners + Iron Chic Toronto, CAN 27/01/2018 PP
Hot Water Music Muff Potter + Red City Radio + Spanish Love Songs Berlin, GER 22/11/2019 PP
Hot Water Music Red City Radio + Spanish Love Songs Berlin, GER 21/11/2019 PP
Hot Water Music Red City Radio + Spanish Love Songs Manchester, UK 16/11/2019 PP
HORSE The Band A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light + Gyserfilm Copenhagen, DEN 08/05/2008 PP
Horisont Nocturnal + Demon Head Copenhagen, DEN 19/10/2013 AP
Horisont Dead Lord Copenhagen, DEN 15/05/2018 AP
Horisont Black Lung Copenhagen, DEN 02/06/2016 AP
Hoobastank Three Days Grace London, UK 28/10/2004 PP
Hoobastank Three Days Grace Copenhagen, DEN 20/10/2004 MS
Hollywood Undead Attila Copenhagen, DEN 23/03/2016 HES
Hollywood Undead Icon For Hire Copenhagen, DEN 14/11/2014 PP
Hoffmaestro none Copenhagen, DEN 01/03/2014 MN
Hit The Lights Furthest Drive Home + Lights Action London, UK 30/11/2006 DY
Hit The Lights Fastlane + Beat Union London, UK 29/01/2007 DY
Hit The Lights Kill Hannah + Kids In Glass Houses + Beat Union London, UK 21/04/2007 DY
HIM MAB + Cathedral London, UK 30/10/2004 PP
High On Fire Bask Copenhagen, DEN 22/11/2015 AP
High On Fire Anti Ritual + Dogmatist Copenhagen, DEN 03/08/2014 AP
High On Fire Jumping Jack + Lizzard Birmingham, UK 01/02/2013 EW
Hexis & Centuries Whorls + Parasight Copenhagen, DEN 10/07/2016 MIN
Herder Piss Vortex Copenhagen, DEN 09/08/2014 AP
Hellions Acres + WOLF/CUB Brighton, UK 21/02/2017 MAK
Hell On Earth Tour Unearth + Evergreen Terrace + Bane + Nasty + Casey Jones + Worth A Kings Ransom Copenhagen, DEN 07/09/2011 AP
Helhorse Danava Copenhagen, DEN 30/05/2013 AP
Helhorse n/a Copenhagen, DEN 23/08/2019 AP
Helhorse The Day We Left Earth Copenhagen, DEN 20/06/2012 AP
Helhorse Black Book Lodge Copenhagen, DEN 19/09/2013 AP
Heilung none Copenhagen, DEN 13/10/2018 LN
Heidenfest Twilight of the Gods + Ensiferum + Equilibrium + Swashbuckle + Heidevolk London, UK 20/09/2010 EW
Heidenfest Turisas + Finntroll + Alestorm London, UK 11/10/2011 EW
Heaven Shall Burn August Burns Red + Whitechapel + In Hearts Wake Copenhagen, DEN 12/03/2018 AP
Heaven Shall Burn Dying Fetus Copenhagen, DEN 08/12/2013 LS
Heart In Hand Evita + The Valiant + Hearts Under Fire + Death Of An Artist Southampton, UK 23/05/2011 BL
Heart In Hand Urma Sallinger + Turn The Tables + The Monolith + EVRA Copenhagen, DEN 13/09/2013 PP
Heading South The Marvins Copenhagen, DEN 14/04/2005 PP
Headbangers Ball Tour By The Patient + Solbrud + Helhorse Århus, DEN 30/11/2013 MST
Headbanger's Ball Tour Hatesphere + Artillery + Mercenary Herning, DEN 17/09/2011 MST
Hawthorne Heights Brigade London, UK 29/08/2006 PP
Hawthorne Heights We Are The Ocean + Lights In Reverse Copenhagen, DEN 03/11/2010 PP
Hatesphere Mevadio + Dawn of Demise Copenhagen, DEN 22/09/2006 AP
Hatesphere Helhorse + Defecto Lyngby, DEN 21/04/2012 AP
Hatesphere Livløs + Wrath Of Belial Århus, DEN 17/02/2018 RUB
Hatesphere Livløs + Billy Boy In Poison Copenhagen, DEN 16/02/2018 AP
Hatebreed Aphyxion Copenhagen, DEN 24/04/2016 PP
Hatebreed The Psyke Project Copenhagen, DEN 23/08/2011 PP


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