Gig Reviews

Artist Support Where Date Author
Fall Out Boy n/a Berlin, GER 01/03/2013 TL
Fall Out Boy Pinboys Copenhagen, DEN 21/03/2007 TL
Fall Out Boy My Awesome Compilation + Spitalfield London, UK 23/02/2005 PP
Far Away From Fiji The Divers Copenhagen, DEN 21/02/2013 HES
Fastlane Short Warning + Cousin Luke + Kneehigh + Dave House + Get Cape. London, UK 11/09/2005 PP
Father John Misty Khruangbin Copenhagen, DEN 29/05/2016 MIN
Fatherson n/a Copenhagen, DEN 21/10/2018 LL
Fatter Eskil Prisen 2014 Akoma + Defecto + Keema + Phoebus Cartel Aarhus, DEN 30/04/2014 LF
FC Five Kamakiri + Count Of Strength Tokyo, JP 16/10/2011 PP
Fear Before The March Of Flames The End & Heavy Heavy Low Low Paris, FRA 20/08/2007 AG
Fear Before the March of Flames The Fall of Troy Portsmouth, UK 24/11/2005 PP
Fear Factory Textures Copenhagen, DEN 25/08/2016 PP
Fei Comodo Bury Tomorrow + Finely Tuned Assassins + Arcane Southampton, UK 05/03/2009 NB
Fightstar The Xcerts Portsmouth, UK 11/05/2009 BL
Fightstar Arcane Roots + Making Monsters London, UK 17/10/2015 TL
Finch Mallory Knox London, UK 22/03/2013 PP
Finntroll Hatesphere London, UK 04/10/2014 EW
Finntroll Eluveitie + Dornenreich + Varg + Arkona London, UK 08/03/2010 EW
Finntroll Týr + Skálmöl Århus, DEN 08/09/2013 MST
Finntroll Hatesphere + Profane Omen Århus, DEN 19/09/2014 MST
First Blood In Other Climes + Nasty Copenhagen, DEN 23/07/2010 PP
Five Finger Death Punch Papa Roach + Devil You Know Copenhagen, DEN 06/11/2015 PP
Five Finger Death Punch Shadows Fall + Magnacult Copenhagen, DEN 20/11/2009 PP
Five Finger Death Punch In Flames + Of Mice & Men Copenhagen, DEN 20/11/2017 PP
Flogging Molly The Minutes + The Mighty Stef Copenhagen, DEN 08/11/2011 PP
Flogging Molly Street Dogs + Skindred + Time Again Copenhagen, DEN 16/11/2008 TL
Foals Formation Copenhagen, DEN 10/09/2015 TL
Foals Say Lou Lou Copenhagen, DEN 15/10/2013 TL
Folly And The Hunter James Gillespie Copenhagen, DEN 04/10/2015 TL
Foo Fighters The Gaslight Anthem + Biffy Clyro Copenhagen, DEN 21/06/2011 PP
For The Fallen Dreams Confession + Azriel + Heart In Hand + The Valiant Southampton, UK 15/03/2010 AP
Forever Unclean Rebuke + Stars Burn Stripes + Megafonzie + Kill The Rooster Copenhagen, DEN 10/02/2018 PP
Forever Unclean Kollapse + Afmagt + Telos Copenhagen, DEN 15/06/2017 PP
Forever Unclean The Sinking Teeth + Soreazis + Varggrav Copenhagen, DEN 19/10/2017 PP
Four Year Strong A Loss For Words Copenhagen, DEN 09/02/2012 TL
Four Year Strong Chances Santiago, CHL 25/07/2017 PP
Foxing Fog Lake + DIET Copenhagen, DEN 07/04/2017 LF
Foxing DIET Copenhagen, DEN 19/04/2016 LF
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes God Damn Copenhagen, DEN 14/10/2016 AP
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Demob Happy + Woes Copenhagen, DEN 19/03/2018 PP
Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Ducking Punches Copenhagen, DEN 19/04/2016 PP
Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Andrew Jackson Jihad + Ducking Punches Copenhagen, DEN 27/02/2014 AP
Frank Turner Jaakko & Jay Copenhagen, DEN 09/12/2009 PP
Franz Ferdinand None Roskilde Festival, DEN 04/07/2004 PP
Fribytterdrømme Skalkeskjul Copenhagen, DEN 07/05/2016 BV
Fribytterdrømme Tyrants & Kings + The Janitors Copenhagen, DEN 11/10/2014 BV
Frightened Rabbit The Folk Factory Copenhagen, DEN 25/11/2013 HES
Frightened Rabbit PAWS Copenhagen, DEN 26/11/2016 HES
Frontierer CABAL + Everything Is Terrible Copenhagen, DEN 13/08/2018 LL
Fu Manchu Hjortene Copenhagen, DEN 06/03/2018 AP


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