Gig Reviews

Artist Support Where Date Author
Wrong Side Of Vegas None Copenhagen, DEN 12/09/2008 PP
Wovenhand Christine Owman Århus, DEN 14/08/2013 MH
Wooden Shjips Shiny Darkly Copenhagen, DEN 02/12/2013 BV
Wonk Unit Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man + Faintest Idea + The Roughneck Riot London, UK 25/02/2017 MAK
Wolves In The Throne Room ORM + Afsky Copenhagen, DEN 27/04/2017 AP
Wolves In The Throne Room Sunken Århus, DEN 26/11/2017 RUB
Wolves In The Throne Room Wolvserpent London, UK 21/10/2011 EW
Wolves In The Throne Room Wolvserpent Copenhagen, DEN 12/11/2011 MST
Wolfmother None Copenhagen, DEN 22/06/2012 PP
Wolf Alice WY Copenhagen, DEN 19/01/2018 LL
Wolf Alice N/A Copenhagen, DEN 13/07/2016 HES
Wolf Cauldron + Elimination London, UK 09/10/2009 GR
Within Temptation Triggerfinger Copenhagen, DEN 25/10/2011 TL
Within Temptation Beyond The Black Valby, DEN 24/10/2018 LL
Wishbone Ash none Copenhagen, DEN 29/01/2015 BV
Windhand Satans Satyrs Copenhagen, DEN 21/09/2017 AP
William Fitzsimmons Denison Witmer Copenhagen, DEN 02/03/2014 MBC
Whores & Thieves Gonzo Morales + The Wave Of Stone Copenhagen, DEN 17/11/2012 TAJ
White Lies In The Valley Below Copenhagen, DEN 25/11/2013 TL
White Lies The Ramona Flowers Copenhagen, DEN 25/10/2016 HES
White Hills Måneskjold Copenhagen, DEN 14/04/2015 BV
While She Sleeps Cancer Bats + Hundredth + Oathbreaker Copenhagen, DEN 08/04/2015 MBC
When Copenhell Freezes Over I´ll Be Damned + Evra + Rising + Oxx + Slægt + Mandrakes Monster Copenhagen, DEN 30/01/2016 PP
When Copenhell Freezes Over SEA + Aphyxion + WOES + Forever Still + LLNN + Defecto Copenhagen, DEN 28/01/2017 AP
When Copenhell Freezes Over Tainted Lady + Xenoblight + Sunless Dawn + Alkymist + Cold Night For Alligators + (0) Copenhagen, DEN 26/01/2019 AP
When Copenhell Freezes Over 2015 Förtress + Night Fever + Fossils + Hexis + Deus Otiosus + Paceshifters Copenhagen, DEN 24/01/2015 PP
When Copenhell Freezes Over Pet The Preacher + Essence + Redwood Hill + Huldre + Billy Boy In Poison + Impalers Copenhagen, DEN 01/02/2014 AP
What Are You Like Cap A Pie + Tones Of Youth + Reverent Motel Copenhagen, DEN 13/08/2011 PP
Weird Al Yankovic N/A Copenhagen, DEN 28/09/2015 MN
We Were Promised Jetpacks Le Cul Copenhagen, DEN 28/01/2010 TL
We Were Promised Jetpacks n/a Copenhagen, DEN 26/09/2012 TL
We The Kings I See Stars + All Forgotten + VersaEmerge Portsmouth, UK 14/02/2011 BL
We Came As Romans Blessthefall + Stick To Your Guns + For The Fallen Dreams + Obey The Brave + At The Skylines + The Browning + At Dawn We Rage London, UK 18/10/2012 BL
We Came As Romans Chunk! No + Captain Chunk! + The Color Morale + Palm Reader London, UK 02/03/2014 BL
Waxahatchee Allison Crutchfield Copenhagen, DEN 27/09/2017 LF
Watain In Solitude Copenhagen, DEN 25/01/2014 AP
War From A Harlots Mouth Arsonists Get All The Girls + Salt The Wound + A Plea For Purging + Desolated Southampton, UK 17/02/2010 AP
War From A Harlots Mouth Arsonists Get All The Girls + Salt The Wound + A Plea For Purging Copenhagen, DEN 12/02/2010 PP
Wang Wen n/a Copenhagen, DEN 18/01/2018 LL
Walls of Jericho The Red Chord Copenhagen, DEN 10/08/2009 AP
Walk The Moon I´m All Ears Copenhagen, DEN 16/03/2013 HES
Walk The Moon Colony House Copenhagen, DEN 06/03/2016 HES
W:O:A Metal Battle Final Aphyxion + Blood Label + Electric Hellride + Sickseed + Caro + Defecto Copenhagen, DEN 05/05/2012 AP


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