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Written by: PP on 20/10/2018 17:31:41

It's been four years since we last heard about the upcoming California political punks The Shell Corporation on their sophomore album "Mandrake". They've long been on a trajectory emulating the likes of Rise Against, Ignite and Propagandhi with a clean, well-produced, but nonetheless, ferocious political punk rock expression that features a no prisoners approach in its sociopolitical commentary.

For their third album, the aptly titled "Fucked", the band kick things off with warped spoken-word statements by someone that sounds like an alt-right apologist, making it crystal clear where this band stands off the get-go on the political compass. It's an intense, depth-laden soundscape that most of all parallels that of Dutch political punks Antillectual, given how they've adjusted a few notches away from the high-flying punk rock anthems that, say, Rise Against specialize in.

That has always been an issue with The Shell Corporation because it just means their songs are that much more difficult to absorb. Tight, fast-paced guitars are supplemented by subtle, yet lyrically fierce vocal melodies that take a good few listens to get into, so don't expect any instant ear catchers on this one. That sort of intricacy usually provides a rewarding long-term experience, however, much like on "Mandrake", "Fucked" could do with one or two big hits so undeniably catchy they'd carry the rest of the album with them. That is unfortunately not the case, so while songs like "Cold Reason", "Rooftops", "Not Funny" and "Waters" are consistently solid, they rarely surpass that and the resulting impression is of a good punk record, but not one you'll find yourself frequently returning to.

So while fans of Ignite, Authority Zero, Rise Against, et al. will find plenty of things to like on "Fucked", and it's socio-political commentary is certainly spot on, it still doesn't feel like as good of an album as their brilliant debut, "Force Majeure" seven years ago.


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For the fans of: Rise Against, Ignite, Authority Zero, Antillectual
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Release date 02.03.2018
La Escalera Records / Gunner Records

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