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Force Majeure

Written by: PP on 24/01/2012 00:14:36

Albeit formed by ex-members of such prestigious bands as Time Again, A Wilhelm Scream and The Briggs, the hype surrounding The Shell Corporation has been non-existent. That's likely to change this year as more people discover their thoroughly impressive debut album "Force Majeure", which balances on a tightrope between the soaring, hardcore-rooted choruses of "Siren Song Of The Counter Culture"/"The Sufferer & The Witness" era Rise Against and the gruff, Gainesville post-hardcore sound of Hot Water Music to produce an expression that's as familiar as it is nostalgic, as catchy as it is aggressive in its hardcore stance.

The band namely sit perfectly in between the cleaner, more mainstream oriented Rise Against sound and a harder-hitting punk rock sound that draws from a number of seminal names within the genre. "False Bill Of Goods", for instance, combines modern Millencolin style skate punk with the politically charged mainstream punk of Rise Against, whereas "Bread & Circuses" brings in a slightly folksy vibe that you'll recall from "As The Eternal Cowboy" era Against Me!. The gravelly sing alongs of Hot Water Music play a larger role later on in the album, providing variety and a ton of depth as a counter point to the infectious sing alongs you'll find on, for example, album highlight "What If?". Nods towards older Propagandhi material are likely to earn the band much credit as well.

The red thread throughout the album, however, is Rise Against-style big, echoing, anthemic punk rock that's destined for the big stages. Whether it's the huge riffs, or the back-chilling chorus melodies, The Shell Corporation nail it throughout "Force Majeure" with almost frightening consistency, and produce twelve tracks worth of melodic hardcore-tinged mainstream punk rock that thrives on its left-wing political orientation and a passionate, melody-based approach to writing music. "Force Majeure" is one of the hidden gems from 2011, and projects The Shell Corporation as one of the 'bands to watch in 2012'.


Download: What If?, False Bill Of Goods, Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying, Quantitative Sleazing
For the fans of: Rise Against, Antillectual, Propagandhi, Hot Water Music
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Release date 25.08.2011
Death To False Hope Records

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