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It's been clear for a while now that The Shell Corporation are one of the next must know names in the underground punk rock scene thanks to their politically charged, intellectual lyricism and melodic hardcore undertones that give their melodic expression the needed edge to stand out. "Mandrake", their sophomore album, follows a solid EP and an exceptional debut album "Force Majeure" in 2011, which landed them a record deal with Paper + Plastick for this release.

"Mandrake" continues along the lines of those two releases. Nuances of the big stage political punk rock of Rise Against is strongly present in the expression, but in a less confrontational manner. Instead of relying on anthemic sing alongs and breakneck speed tempo that's powered by pure aggression and urgency, The Shell Corporation go for a more subtle sound, one that oozes intellectualism a la Propagandhi (see: "Maguire's Plea"). The songs are therefore far more intricate and depth-laden in their nature, requiring plenty of repeat listen sessions before they grow on you. Once they do, their dark melodies are strong and memorable, as evident in "The Message" or on "Remember, Remember", even sing alongable at times, again echoing Rise Against and Authority Zero in their tone.

I'm not certain it's enough to push The Shell Corporation away from being a niche name much like Propagandhi into climbing up to higher slots at punk rock festivals, but "Mandrake" is nonetheless strong enough to tour internationally and have passionate sing alongs no matter where they go. It's a solid, complex punk rock album that shows the genre has more to offer than just basic woo-hoo sing alongs and bright melodies.

Download: The Message; The Death Of Us; Remember, Remember; Trust Us; Maguire's Plea
For the fans of: Rise Against, Authority Zero, Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Bad Religion
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Release date 25.02.2014
Paper + Plastick

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