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author TL date 24/10/11 venue Lille Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

You know, I really wasn't planning to go see Yuck this time around, not because I was discouraged last time I saw them, or because I didn't like their album enough, but more because my schedule is positively packed with gigs these days, and I thought that my ears would need just a little bit of rest. But then of course my girlfriend had to go and win free tickets and I know, first world problems, so here we are at Lille Vega anyway, watching the venue gradually fill with the hipper looking young adults of the town, conversing over a beer before the emergence of tonight's support band:

From Sarah

When the relatively new local Trio known as From Sarah grace the stage, a guy close to us can be heard jokingly asking "So is this Kashmir?". That guy must've been Nostradamus, or he must've heard the band before, because the drummer and bassist immediately launch into a minimalistic, driving rhythm that sounds like it could've been in that band's "Surfing The Warm Industry". Even the band's singer sounds a little like Kashmir's Kasper Eistrup, but then again, he sounds just as much as other Danish singers such as Tue West and Saybia's Søren Huss, and his twangy guitar playing also adds character to the band, with it's dusty, western feeling, relying much on subtle effects and feedback. At times, the style reminds me a bit of the British folk upstarts Dry The River, yet From Sarah seem on one hand to keep their ingredients simpler, and on the other to be more willing to ride a fast beat while letting their songs progress. And progress they do, quite consistently from subtle beginnings to louder climaxes, and it can be heard that these three dudes - all of whom seem to be enjoying the opportunity to play, even if the crowd's response is no more than polite - have got some skill when it comes to establishing progressions that flow dynamically and keep the listener interested. It works quite well for a good stretch, yet towards the end it must be said that the approach seems to grow a little samey. When the time comes to release LP's and play longer shows, I'd hence recommend that From Sarah consider spicing things up just a little more, possibly with some more interesting vocal melodies, or by making more use of the backing singing. I'll leave that for them to eventually decide however, and merely remark here that their performance was solid and relatively intriguing, though not one to blow anyone off their feet or truly contest the coming headliner



Last time I saw Yuck, I felt like their material was delivered convincingly enough in terms of how it sounded, but that the performance was too samey and laid back visually to truly be categorised as exciting. And sure, to begin with, the British quartet comes off much the same. Their demeanor is thoroughly calm and static as they jump into their fuzzy, low-fi indie-pop (think The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Pavement and/or The Jesus And Mary Chain), yet there is one crucial difference : The band seems much happier to be playing this time around. Singer/guitarist Daniel Blumberg even looks up from his boots once in a while, offering us a smile and some awkward, yet friendly dozes of humor, and somewhere in the middle of the show, he also let's slip that the band wasn't too happy about the previous show at Loppen, and that tonight is definitely better. Now, it could of course also be because I've had a chance to listen to the band's album more, but still I also feel like it's actually their more bright and poppy songs that come out the best tonight? The quirky, Pavement-esque guitars of "Get Away", "The Wall" and "Georgia" seemingly combines with the band's warm attitude and come off the stage and force a smile on your face, and indeed, most audience members are smiling, and between the songs they are applauding enthusiastically as well. Either Yuck is not a band that one dances to, or does much movement of any kind to however, or tonight's crowd is too tired from a long Monday at work to move. Being used to more energetic shows myself, I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but it's still clear to me that on stage, Yuck are providing a good old noisy time, also when things are stripped down, such as on "Suicide Policeman". Overall, subtle improvements over the last Yuck show in town, such as better sound, bigger and happier audience and a more comfortable and forthcoming band all contribute to elevate this show as compared to the last one. I'm still not one for giving grades in the 8's for a show with a totally static crowd, but I'd say that Yuck come as close as they can. I surely feel more encouraged to come and see them again next time, and if I see some dancing and/or singing along then, then we can talk about some major league grades.

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