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"Yuck". I'm sure that word is one most people will associate pretty much only with being spoon-fed something particularly distasteful during their childhood, or with watching something nasty on tv. Despite the negative connotations however, the subject of this next review has seen fit to use the word not only as a bandname, but also as the name for their debut LP. Hence on "Yuck", the three guys and one girl in Yuck, introduce the world to their sound, which can be described right off the bat as warm, fuzzy, chilled-out indie-rock.

The whole record has a bright, laid back vibe, brought to you by way of an intentionally garage-y production, which sees the noisy guitars and rumbling bass appear the loudest in the soundscape, while the voice of singer/guitarist Daniel Blumberg peeks out in a manner that is understated and very typically indie. To get the idea, maybe imagine the singer of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, fronting a band that is part Pavement, part Lemuria - only Yuck are less up-beat and punk than Lemuria, and less edgy than Pavement.

Actually, the whole deal with this band seems to be to aim for the chill middle-ground, and I guess it's both their strength and their weakness that their debut varies only little in its expression, with the sound being as uncompromising as the song-structures are predictable. When it works out well, it's very cool and enjoyable, like on instantly recognizable songs like "Get Away", "Suicide Policeman" and "Georgia", the latter of which is sadly the only song to make good use of bassist Mariko Doi's backing vocals.

A lot of the time though, things seem rather samey, as you have to look hard for variety in both sound and emotional intensity, and overall, "Yuck" strikes me as an album that belongs in the category of "cool to listen to, but not one to be remembered for very long". In fact, I think the main thing I will take away from it, is how a strong, uncompromising concept can be just as much of a barrier for a band, as it can be an asset. If Yuck spice things up a bit on their next record, or maybe sing a song or three like something depended on it, then I'll gladly reevaluate my position come their next record.


Download: Georgia, Get Away, Suicide Policeman
For The Fans Of: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Pavement, Lemuria
Listen: soundcloud.com/yuck

Release Date 15.02.2011
Fat Possum/Pharmacy/Transparent/Mirror Universe

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