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One of this scribe's most anticipated released in 2012 is by Such Gold, the Rochester, New York based melodic hardcore / pop punk hybrid, thanks to a stellar sophomore EP "Pedestals", which essentially kickstarted the band's climb up the ranks of melodic hardcore. "Misadventures", as the record is called, picks up almost exactly where the EP left off two years ago, except this time with an even more intense, focused sound. For if there were hints on "Pedestals" of bands like Boys Night Out and With The Punches, these have now been ironed out for a more streamlined expression that's in line with expectations if you're coming into the record directly from bands like Polar Bear Club, Title Fight, and Set Your Goals, who have been the primary influences to the sound presented here.

With just the right amount of melodic hardcore energy explosion borrowed from the likes of Strike Anywhere, Such Gold present a frenetic sound that's sufficiently raw and aggressive by its nature, but one that's also infectiously catchy as you've grown to expect from pop punk bands. Particularly the opening three or four songs blow the listener out the water with a high-energy expression mixed with choruses to kill for. The instrumentals follow the slightly more angular formula of Title Fight/Polar Bear Club, which is good, but it's really the give-it-all expression of their vocalist that seals the deal. While pop element is used to a large extent, he isn't afraid to break into a fully fledged scream when necessary, often coming across as a long-lost lovechild between Thomas Barnett (Strike Anywhere) and Jimmy Stadt (Polar Bear Club).

You can of course argue that over the course of eleven songs, the bouncy and high-intensity approach to melodic hardcore infused pop punk can feel a little samey, most of all because of the band's unrelenting pace and continuously elevated aggression levels. But even with that consideration, the songs are individually solid, with at least half of the tracks belonging to the elite within this genre. Basically, Such Gold won't be your gateway band into this genre, but "Misadventures" will fit perfectly in between your copies of "Clash Battle Guilt Pride" and "Shed".


Download: Committee Circus, Two Year Plan, Storyteller
For the fans of: Polar Bear Club, Title Fight, Strike Anywhere, Set Your Goals
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Release date 14.08.2012
Razor & Tie Records

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