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Pedestals EP

Written by: PP on 18/01/2011 18:04:36

Rochester, New York-based Such Gold are another band I came across while scouring other mags for awesome releases we might have missed last year. "Pedestals" is just their sophomore EP, yet it shows the kind of maturity in songwriting and melody you'd usually only meet on a debut or a sophomore full length. Fans of melodic hardcore and pop punk take notice, Such Gold are about to take the scene by a storm.

"Pedestals" contains six songs of explosive energy, shouted/screamed vocals and hyper melodic guitars, that draw inspiration from technical punk rock bands like Belvedere. This, however, is interpreted in a distinct melodic hardcore / pop punk format. There are Strike Anywhere-esque songs, with aggressive screaming and relentless tempo, fueled by technical guitar licks and the like, which often break down into slower, emotionally charged passages that recall Boys Night Out's heavier material from their early years. A song like "Cut Rides" sounds like a less-commercial version of A Day To Remember with its pop-hardcore approach focused on melody and crunchy guitars (think With The Punches), but my favorite track has to be "Sycamore" by far because it sounds just like Caleb Lionheart. It contains a great vocal dynamic, aggressive tempo, technical-but-melodic guitars, and an infectious chorus sure to captivate its listener on first listen.

A ton of bands have a go at this particular style but most aren't able to grab my attention as solidly as Such Gold have done throughout "Pedestals". It helps to combine sounds from a few of my favorite bands, of course, bu there's no denying the strength of their melodies, both vocal and instrumental. Should they withstand creative pressures and write a full length's worth of songs like these, we'll have a great release in our hands by the end of this year.


Download: Sycamore, Cut Rides
For the fans of: Caleb Lionheart, With The Punches, Strike Anywhere, Boys Night Out (old)
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 14.09.2010
6131 Records

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