Funeral for The Young And The Defenceless

Posted by DR on 30/06/10

Funeral for a Friend have announced an upcoming four-track EP, and it will be titled "The Young And The Defenceless".

We’re very proud to announce the title and tracklisting of our forthcoming EP, plus reveal the front cover artwork.

The name of the EP is THE YOUNG AND DEFENCELESS and it pretty much sums up the way the world is going: blind ignorance and a lot of too little too late. These songs are a call to arms, a ‘fuck you’ in the face of those who dare sit on their asses and watch everything around them turn to shit.

Track listing:

1. Serpents in Solitude

2. Sixteen

3. Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t

4. Vultures

Album artwork.

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