Week In Retrospect - Sunday 16. May

Posted by EW on 17/05/10

It's been a busy old week this one with many albums reviewed for you below but it all pales into consideration against today's sad news of the passing of one Ronnie James Dio. I appreciate not all reading this will be metal fans, let alone fans of his works with the likes of Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell, but the sheer likable character of the little man will live on for many years to come. If you need any testament towards the man's persona, watch the excellent film "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" and you'll see what I mean. RIP! Various others news titbits to be found in the archive and remember to join our facebook page too if you haven't already.

Gig Reviews:

The Swellers @ The Joiners, Southampton

The Perfect Unseen @ Rust, Copenhagen

Album of the week:

Letlive - Fake History

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Elimination - Destroyed By Creation [7]

Immolation - Majesty and Decay [8]

Hand of the Horsewitch - Hand of the Horsewitch EP [9]

Against Me! - White Crosses [7]

Alabaster - Alabaster EP [6]

Boil - A New Decay [6]

Black Sun Aeon - Routa [6½]

Lost Dreams - Wage Of Disgrace [6½]

Amber Pacific - Virtues [7]

Oceana - Clean Head EP [8]

Levitation - The Awakening EP [6½]

The Hold Steady - Stay Positive [10]

Letlive - Fake History [9]

To Speak of Wolves - Myself < Letting Go [6]

Alex Walker - Trust The Fire [7½]

Nefarium - Ad Discipulum [7½]

Gallhammer - Gloomy Lights [7½]

Fortid - Völuspá Part III: Fall of the Ages [8]

Blood of Kingu - Sun in the House of the Scorpion [5]

Awesome Color - Massa Hypnos [8½]

La Folie - Risus Sardonicus [7]

Exhale - Blind [7½]

Rooftops - A Forest Of Polarity [7]

Howl - Full Of Hell [5½]

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