New FFAF stuff coming soon!

Posted by DR on 05/05/10

Funeral for a Friend are planning on releasing a new EP soon:

Releasing Your History Is Mine was a watershed moment for Funeral For A Friend. It marked the end of one era, 4 albums of which we’re incredibly proud, countless tours in every corner of the world from Swansea to Singapore, Nottingham to New York, Manchester to Moscow and Tyneside to Tokyo.

We wrote and recorded 4 new tunes with Gav for that album that made us incredibly excited for what this year and the future holds for this band. Wrench received the best reactions from Radio 1 in the UK that this band has ever had. We played some amazing shows and had the best time talking about the record and hearing stories from people that have been with us ever since Casually Dressed, and even Four Ways and BOAM before that. It’s a privilege to have your support.

2010 marks the start of new times. Good new times. And most importantly, those times involve you. As you’ll already know if you’ve been following us on Twitter (@ffaf) or checking out the MySpace or Facebook pages we’re deep in the middle of hatching plans and writing and demoing lots of new music. Back to basics. It’s truly sounding awesome. Some of it will end up on an album. But before that album sees the light of day we’re going to be releasing a BRAND NEW EP and circumventing the usual method of hooking up with a label, delivering it to them, waiting and then letting them put it out. We’re going to carry through with what we started with Memory & Humanity and put it out ourselves – except this time things are different because we’re bypassing all the bullshit and making it cool, limited and especially for you.

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