Close the 'Book of the Year' competition, we have a winner!

Posted by EW on 15/10/09

I don't know about you but my Christmas list now includes this: "Hellbent For Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook" by Annick "The Morbid Chef" Giroux - what surely must be the world's first Extreme Metal themed cookbook!

Hell, I couldn't possibly beat how it is described on it's site so rest assured that "Hellbent For Cooking" will "feed voracious appetites with a varied menu of over a hundred recipes from thirty countries, including Yorkshire Pudding from England, Beer Pizza Crust from Germany, Spaghetti Barracuda from Italy, Fårikål from Norway, Country Lamb Exohiko from Greece, Churrasco from Brazil, and Mushroom Steak à la Jack Daniel’s from the United States."

For more info check out the website of Bazillion Points.

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