Our Last Night's new album plans

Posted by DR on 31/08/09

Our Last Night have posted a new blog about their plans for their new album:

What's up everyone?? We hope everyone has had an awesome summer! A lot of people have been asking us when we're recording, when we are releasing new songs, coming out with a new album etc. Sooo here is what's going on...

While we have some time off from touring we will be finishing up writing for the new record that we started working on earlier this year. Right now we have 4 songs completely done, and 5 or 6 more in the works or very close to finished. Hopefully we will have around 12 when it's all said and done...

Directly after our tour this fall with Attack Attack (check our home page for tour dates!) we will be heading down to Ocala, Florida for the whole month of December to hit the studio with Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, In Fear and Faith, Burden of A Day.) Meaning, we should be done with the entire record before the new year.

If you come out to a show this fall don't be afraid to ask us if you can here some samples/demos of what we've been working on. We've been trying to get as much feedback as possible, especially from our fans

And as for now I can't quite answer questions regarding when we will be posting new songs and when we will be releasing another album... because I don't actually know yet haha. But hopefully this may give you a better idea.

Keep checking in with us for more updates in the near future!


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