Danish vinyl start up, check it out!

Posted by PP on 29/07/09

What Happened To The Reason For Screaming Records is a brand new vinyl-only label based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their first ever release will see daylight on September 5th in the form of a 10" compilation record featuring eight Danish bands each giving their interpretation of Peter Pan Speedrock's "Heatseeker".

For those not in the know, Peter Pan Speedrock is a moderately successful Dutch rock band. The Danish bands found on the 10" are as follows:

The Psyke Project


The Van Dangos


The 20 Belows

The Hitchcocks (with As We Fight on gang vocals)

I Am Satan (I Am Bones + Beta Satan)

Last Mile


Artwork: Front / Back

The label itself quotes:

Possibly the worst label idea in recent times - initiating a new record label to release a 10" vinyl containing 8 Danish underground bands, all covering the same song. The original song being covered is even unknown to add further to poor judgement...However, it has been important for the newly started label to position itself from the beginning. To do the unexpected, bring the danger and power back in a stagnant industry while maintaining a soaring level of quality.

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