Week In Retrospect - Sunday 29. March

Posted by TL on 31/03/09

Shit dudes, I totally forgot I was supposed to post Week In Retrospect this morning. Sorry for the delay, here it is! On a personal note I'd like to stress that you all need to check out The Decemberists' album which was reviewed this week, even though it was beaten to the top spot by the somewhat heavier Sólstafir record. Suffice to say both should be priorities for you! While you get them, remember that you can recap last week's stories in our news archive.

Album of the week:

Sólstafir - Köld

Gig reviews:

Last Mile @ Albertslund

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

One Win Choice - Define / Redefine EP [6½]

Kinetic Stereokids - Kid Moves [6]

Behind Crimson Eyes - Behind Crimson Eyes [4]

herbrightskies - A Sacrament; Ill City [7]

Papa Roach - Metamorphosis [7½]

These Green Eyes - Relapse To Recovery [8]

Bad Religion - The Process Of Belief [10]

Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The Stars [8½]

Sólstafir - Köld [9½]

From Monument To Masses - On Little Known Frequencies [7½]

Lipona - Pigeonholed EP [8]

Merit - Arson Is For Lovers [6½]

The Decemberists - The Hazards Of Love [8½]

SOS - Adult Situations [4]

Klamydia - Rujoa Taidetta [7]

The Bulletmonks - Weapons Of Mass Destruction [5½]

Deathstars - Night Electric Night [6]

Covered Call - Money Never Sleeps [5]

Your Demise - Ignorance Never Dies [7½]

Rough Silk - A New Beginning [7½]

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