Pillory to release "Scourge on Humanity" in December

Posted by AP on 27/10/20

Boston, MA’s technical death metal crew Pillory will release a new album titled “Scourge on Humanity” through Unique Leader on December 18th. It consists of the following tracks:

01. “Depleted Mortal Prosperity”

02. “Diluted Existence”

03. “Synergistic Diffusion”

04. “Emanate Deprecation”

05. “Inherent Genetic Collapse”

06. “Envisaged Transmutation”

07. “Epidemic Infection”

08. “Imminent Obliteration”

09. “Our Wretched Divinity”

10. “Calculating Progressive Extinct”

11. “Terminus”

You can take a look at the artwork and pre-order the record digitally from Bandcamp and on physical formats from Impericon (Europe) or Indie Merch (North America), while a music video for the lead single “Imminent Obliteration” can be seen below.

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