Obliteration announces new album: "Cenotaph Obscure"

Posted by AP on 25/09/18

Kolbotn, Norway-born death metal mob Obliteration will release “Cenotaph Obscure” — their first new album since 2013’s excellent “Black Death Horizon” — on November 23rd, Indie Recordings has announced. It features the following songs:

01. “Cenotaph Obscure”

02. “Tumulus of Ancient Bones”

03. “Orb”

04. “Eldritch Summoning”

05. “Detestation Rite”

06. “Onto Damnation”

07. “Charnel Plains”

You can view the artwork and pre-order the effort here, while a stream of the first single, “Detestation Rite”, is available below, or via any of the streaming outlets detailed here.

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